Friday, July 31, 2009

Before I begin about today I wanted to make mention about Zachary and Cubs game. Zachary was getting a little bored with the game. He hasn't developed the passion of a ball game yet. I think in time he will. Sally did her best to keep him away from me. I was getting a little perturbed by all of his talking(which had nothing to do with the game) ad his jitterness. Zach my boy is easily entertained by food. I bought him a bag of peanuts. It kept him busy for about 4 innings. I would say quiet but we even with the crowd and Sally between us I could here him crunch away. At one point I looked at him and he was covered in shells. When he got tired of eating, he found entertainment on crushing the shells with his foot. There was a lady next to us , who had her beer on the ground. I was afraid that his shells would end up in her beer. Thank goodness none made into her cup of beer.

Today was a long day. My day began at 6 am because of the garage sale. The day began a little iffy. Sally and I were trying to get everything set up in the drive way. People were stopping by even before we opened.Then the neighborhood kids awoke and of course flocked to our house. They were playing with the things we were trying to sell. I finally shooed them a way for a little bit. Sally set up a table to sell hot dogs, pop, and chips. Before she was able to put the food out the kids surrounded the table. We handed out one bag of chips, a hot dog and a can of pop to each child. They kept coming back trying to sneak more. They took more then we actually sold. We did sell a lot to our 8 year old neighbor Taylor. Every 30 seconds it seemed she felt the urge to come over and buy something. I sold more of my books to her than anyone else. The garage sale went good. We sold mainly a lot of baby clothes. It's a little sad for us to be selling the baby things. It's hard to believe they were once that small yet it only seems like yesterday. We are closing another chapter of our life's and moving on. Unless God hands us yet another surprise.

This evening the kids were out playing and we were talking with the neighbors. Sally's mom stopped by. Kaity ran up to her for a little bit and went back to the next door neighbor's yard. When Mary was leaving Zachary went to give her a hug and kiss. Kaity saw and started to run with her lips all puckered up across the yard to give her "mamma" a nice juicy kiss. She wouldn't let her pucker down until she was able to plant a kiss.

Going to get ready and get to bed. Today because, I spent the whole day in the hot sun really kicked my butt. Thanks for visiting and God Bless. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

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  1. GOOD JOB!
    do you honestly think you would want another baby? you have so much ahead with your 3 kids...
    hey why not think about fostering? you guys would be GREAT at that! seriously!
    blessings for always,