Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hopefully back to Normalcy

I felt good today and made sure to keep my shoulder away from anything hard. I did managed to do this and the pain is very slight now.This was the last day of the Yard Sale. We didn't do nearly as good as Friday. It started to rain around 1pm. Sally and I had to put all the tables in the garage. After that the rain stopped. Now I was waiting for the birds to start chirping and the sun to come out. It was really slow so we were thinking about closing shop anyway. After we counted the loot, Zach made 45$ from both days and he wanted to spend his money like yesterday.

My brother Mike is taking Zach and I along with his son to Wrigley Field for a tour.I know that will be unforgettable. Also Tomorrow we are planning on having a bond fire with the neighbors. That will be my last hurrah before I go back to work. I have chemo on Monday. So I want to be sure that I will be OK.

We took Zach to Toys R Us so he can get his Star Wars legos. We were there looking at all the Star War Legos that any little boy can handle before his head explodes from excitement. We must have been there what seemed like an hour. I looked at my cell phone for the time and it was only 15 mins. "Oh man", I said to myself. Come on Zach we have to get ready to go. He asked me about all the expensive ones. Now I knew that he wanted to spend every cent and possibly more, if I let him. After about another 15 mins he finally made a decision of one that was a little more. I got him what he wanted,because he helped us by watching Kaity when we were doing the sale.

While we were in Toys R Us Zach and I caught up with Sally and Kaity in the doll aisle. Sally later took Kaity to the bikes area to look at them to see how some of them measure to her. Zach and I were straggling behind. I decided to see what would happen if I set off as many of the dolls I can. I go in one aisle and told Zach that I had something to show him.As soon as he was not paying attention to me , I set all the little dolls that I could and left the aisle.Daaaaaaads ,why you do that?," Do what?", I said."Make all the babies cry"."Your going to get me troubles. I just wanted to make sure they all worked.

We went to the mall afterwards to get Kaity a Build a Bear with some of the money she made. As aways when we were in the parking lot getting ready to park the car, Kaity started to get all excited. I thought she was going to break the harness to her car seat. When we got into Penny's and started the track to Build a Bear , Kaity started shouting and pointing to the northeast top corner of the store " Buil Bear, Buil Bear! Sure enough as we exited Penny's the store was just above us.I couldn't get her up there fast enough. I get her to the store let her out of her seat and she runs to the noise makers. I said, "What about the Bears,"Noooooooooooooo. I knew it was going to be a long time in Build a Bear. Sally's birthday is Monday and I didn't get a chance to get her anything yet. She told me to go ahead and go look around,Yesssss. I knew she would have her hands full with Kaity. So being the obeying husband that I am I booked. I came back a little later than an hour and they were still in the store. She did finally make her choice and it was an Owl.

Wednesday I go back to work and I hope for good and with no extended time off. I am excited to be back but,on the other hand it will be tough. I really enjoyed my time with the kids and Sally too.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. you'll be in my thoughts and prayers as you begin your new schedule this week back at work. no doubt the kids and sally will miss you and it will be a transition for all of you. thank God above that you are feeling good and going back!!! seems to me you have this chemo stuff down to a science and i am just thrilled that all is going well!
    prayer is truly a powerful thing! and prayers will continue for you without fail...
    blessings for always..
    CUBS win...nothin to it..:) :)
    what the heck??
    crazy game!

  2. Kevin Gregg blow another game and still got the win thanks to D lee.Winning the game 6-0 at one point and than extra innings won't get them to the playoffs. We need better relief bad. Lou needs tplet the starters go a little longer in games(longer the the 6th) if they are pitching good. lET THEM FINISH THE GAME. I DON'T THINK THE CUBS HAVE A PITCHER WITH A COMPLETE GAME, This year or in the past few years. That is sad with the pitching staffs they have had the past few years.

    Will at least i am going to Wrigley field tomorrow for a tour. The will be awesome.