Sunday, August 9, 2009

I quick blog against my wife's wishes

This picture is from yesterday. My niece Stephanie went with us to the picnic yesterday. She was a huge help with the kids. I got to relax a little more while she chased around Kaity at the picnic.

I wanted to do a quick post of a few things that I forgot to mention yesterday. At the picnic they had a few guessing games .One was for the adults and one was for kids. The one for the kids was guess how much candy was in the jar. The adult game was guess how much money is in the jar. Well, I don't want to brag but, I was the one who won that game. I guessed $24.02 and there was $25 something in it. I was glad that I won that money. As soon as I got home the family and I went to Western Days at St Mary Church in Griffith. They had some games you can play for 35 cents a ticket or a bargain deal of 3 for a dollar. I spent all my efforts on trying to win a Gold Fish for Zach. Between Zach and I we went through all the money and all the money I found in the couch and car cushions. We still didn't win a freak n Gold Fish Zach wanted so desperately. It was only about $32.50 we lost.It was fun trying and it went to a good cause, the church.

At the picnic I was approached by An Avery Employee named Anne. I was never formally introduced to her. I just knew who she was because at the monthly meetings she had her own presentations to give. So I knew who she was but, with all the people at these meetings how would she know who I was unless we were introduced. To make a long story short, she came up to me and said,"Hi , Bill I'm Anne." She just started talking to me about my illness and wishing me well. It really made me feel good that a person that I really never meant and knew who I was, that was really special to me. She hasn't been in the Avery family long but, she made an impact on me, and God Bless her for that. She is a smart lady and I know she will be a good part of Avery. Thank you Anne for taking the time to wish me well.

I want to tell you of a little mishap that happened to me. I went to Strack and Van Tils (the official grocery store of Bill's Life with Cancer Blog) to get Sally a bag of ice for her Iced Tea Maker that Zach got her for her Birthday. I was turning the corner by the quick check out making a right turn. There I was greeted by a young chap making a very quick turn around with his cart. He clocked me with the corner of the cart in the belly , that I so much cherish. I said ohh h$&&*$*$*&^ nooo! Or something to that nature. To everybody that saw the cart assaulting my belly ,I probably sounded more like Charlie Brown's Teacher.

I really had a very good day. I love the heat and enjoy being outside. I felt good all day and had no issues. The only minor problem I had was I fell a sleep saying my prayers at O.L.G. Yes , I was tired due to the heat. I still really like it, I just need to be careful not to over do it and rest when my body tells me to and that goes double for my belly.

Thanks and God Bless you all.


  1. thanks for the picture!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Stephanie had a good time too. Thank you for taking her with, she loves your kids.