Saturday, July 4, 2009

Noodle on my Shirt

I decided to write my blog early since there was some time. Sally decided we should go home so Kaity could have a nap and to see if it's going to rain more. I really think she wanted to go home so she could wash Kaity's dress since it had mud on it. Imagine my kids not being dressed in their red, white and blue for the 4th.

Last night I went to the First Friday Devotion. I didn't get there until midnight. This is something that I hope that I will be able to do every month. When I did get there the Blue Army was doing a precession. I stood outside for awhile because I didn't want to disturb them. So I waited outside in total darkness until they were done. At one time there was a man who I assumed wanted to go to the washroom. I didn't want him to see me so I had to dart over a wall so I wouldn't be detected. I started to think to myself , I am acting like they are Nazis from a Indiana Jones movie. I peered in again and they are all starting to sit down again. So I walked in like I was there the whole time. They started to say the rosary and other readings and scriptures. When it was all done it was time for a break(munchies). The food theme was all American. There was hot dogs and hamburgers, chili, sausages,brats with all the sides and assorted desserts. My Mother in Law Mary asked me if I wanted to go get some coffee with her, Of course I will. We went up there and got our spread. I got a hot dog , some ramen noodle salad that Sally made and some other goodies with a cup of coffee that I managed not to pour all over my hand. We sat down to eat. I took a spoonful of the salad that Sally had made just as my mother in law asked me a question. I started to answer her and I spit all over my freshly pressed shirt. I tried to turn so no one would notice the mess I just made on my shirt. There were two ladies in front of us and one of them was rubbing her neck, I was thinking I hope I didn't hit her in the neck with my spit. I was sitting at an angle talking to my mother in law. I needed to look at my shirt to see exactly what the damage was. When she wasn't looking my way I looked down and looked at my shirt. I was aghast, there was a piece of ramen noodle hanging on to dear life on my shirt. It's bad enough that there were three oily spots on my shirt but they were accompanied by a piece of ramen noodle. How am I going to flick it off without anybody seeing. I decided to do the old fake sneeze trick and try to get it off, but instead I said "look over there!"and when she wasn't looking at me I flicked it off. I acted like I had to scratch my chest. When I did this and was done I looked down and to my dismay I missed it. I tried it again and finally flinged the pesky noodle across the room. I finished my coffee and excused myself and went home with the oily mess still on my shirt.

This morning we went to the Griffith parade. It's nice because it's in walking distance. Also a lot of the floats and fire trucks come down on our street before hand. Since not much has happened yet today I decided I will write about today for tomorrow's blog. Instead I will write about a couple of past 4th of July's since I have been married. No offence honey but you have the worst luck on the 4th. A lot of the 4ths I had to work, got home early in the morning from work, or had to work that night. So there have only been a few 4th's that I actually got to spend the entire day with the family. The first year we were married I slept in most of the day because I didn't get home from work until 7am. That evening we were on our way to our friend's Lynn and Ron's. They had the idea spot for a home. It was right behind homestead park. Every year they would have a party at their house. It was a perfect view to see the fireworks without the crowd. I need to back up a bit. The day before Sally had to work and left Michael with the sitter. She had an in ground pool which he loved to go swimming in. When she picked him up he was sunburn. She asked him why he didn't put sunscreen on and he said he forgot and he wasn't reminded to do so. We were getting ready to go and Michael went to change his shirt. He had huge water blisters on his back. We felt really bad for him but he still wanted to go. The next day Sally took him to the doctor and he had 3rd degree burns on his back. Sally had to take off work and keep him indoors until his back healed. He was lucky he didn't have to have skin graphs. That was the turning point when we decided it wasn't worth to leave our kids with babysitters. So back to the party. We get there and there is a keg of beer and food. My kind of party. I have been known to be the center of a party after a few drinks. Sally is able to limit herself. I never saw her drunk. She never had beer from a keg before so my darling wife had a little trouble keeping track of her drinks. We watched the fireworks and sat on the ground on a blanket. When we to get up, Sally couldn't. She fell at first. She couldn't barely walk. She stood there and started laughing. I never seen her so wasted in my life. Lucky for her everyone else was drunk and the only ones that remember are her (barely), Michael, and me. She was very entertaining.

The following year we went back to Ron's and Lynn's. She swore she wouldn't cause a scene. We were on our way walking to get our first beer (however, I am thinking Sally must have had snuck a few without me knowing), Sally fell in a dip in the grass and hurt her ankle. I knew she was in pain but insisted we stayed so Michael could see the fireworks. It hurt her so bad she could not bare weight on it. After the fireworks I took her to the ER. She ended up tearing ligaments in her foot. A couple of days later we went to the water park. She was told to stay off her foot. The doctor told her to stay in the lazy river which she did literally. When we got home she was so sunburn she couldn't hardly move( nice job Doc). The next day her feet were swollen and she couldn't even fit into her shoes. She had sun poisoning. We had tickets to see REO Speedwagon at the Porter County Fair Grounds with my Brother Mike and his wife Leann and she couldn't go. I took Michael instead.

The next few 4th were fine. When Zachary was a little over a year she became pregnant. We were really happy and surprised. It took us years to conceive Zachary and this time it just happened. We waited until she was 8 weeks along before we told anyone. It was right before the 4th. On the 4th she started to bleed and we found out the next day she miscarried. It was very devastating for all of us. It's something that is still hard to talk about. I know everything happens for a reason. It is comforting to know I have a baby waiting for me in heaven. Sally and I bought a baby angel statue for the yard as a tribute to our lost baby.

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