Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am going back to work on August 5th. It's bitter sweet for me. I will miss being home with my kids but I am grateful to have a job and well enough to work. I was told I will be working straight days for awhile to see how I do. During that time I will not be able to work over time. I am just thankful how understanding the company has been to me. I was even told the weeks of chemo I can come in on Saturday to make up the hours. Once I am back on the 12 hour shifts I am hoping to schedule chemo around my work hours so I won't have to miss work.

I sent the kids out with Sally while she did the running around for the party. I needed to re clean the heating vents out again. I didn't want them to be home inhaling it. When I was finished I had Sally come back in between her errands to get me. While I was driving I noticed the temperature gage in the car going up. I do not know allot about cars but I do know to put the heat on when that happens. The car started to cool off. While Sally went into one of the stores I opened the hood and noticed that one of the radiator fans wasn't working. We only have the one working car so when we have car troubles with the family car it's very inconvenient to say the least. With Michael's graduation party 3 days away it's even worst.

I wanted to save money and was going to attempt to change it myself. I called my dad and he said he would help tomorrow. He is not in the best health and I really do not like to bother him. I went to pick up the fan and the store that told me it was in stock was wrong. So I have to drive to another store. The guy gave me the fan. It looked different then the one in the car and he reassured me it's the right one. When I got home Sally and the kids were outside with the next door neighbors. Ryan knows a little about cars. He never changed a fan but said he could try to help me. I opened the hood and Ryan and I just stood there trying to figure out where the bolts were. Ryan called the neighbor across the street who is a mechanic for help. He came over and right away told me I have the wrong fan. At first he thought I would have to order one from a dealership. He tore apart my car which was a little unnerving for me. It was like what would you see in a commercial. 3 guys under a hood. Two of them just staring while the third one actually does the work. He discovered I would have to change both fans which the auto store carries. So at 8:15 Ryan took me to pick it up. It didn't take Danny very long to put the fan in and the car back together. I am really grateful for his help. It's will be nice going to sleep tonight not having to worry about the car.

While we were in the garage Ryan's wife, Laura, made Better Then Sex cake. She brought over a plate of it for us. Sally hid it so the kids wouldn't see it. The kids are finally in bed and I am stopping here at my blog so I can enjoy my delicious treat.

It's been a very trying day to say the least. I hope tomorrows blog is more uplifting. I am still a little wound up from yesterdays neighbor issues. All the kids came down and played. That is fine with me as long as they don't destroy anything!

Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game today against the Devil rays. His second no hitter.
Cubs were Idle.

God Bless and thanks for visiting.


    this is truly exciting news and i completely understand the bitter-sweetness of it.

    tell me, are you surprised that you have come this far? seriously? i wonder how this must feel to you to know that you have fought this for all these months and in a way, despite this truly SERIOUS and life changing news you were given to start off the year you are going back to work and heading into a "normal" routine again.

    to you i say...take a bow bill for you have survived so much and your attitude and faith (in my humble opinion) have been AMAZING!

    keep it up, stay focused and remember what's really important in life and don't take a single moment for granted...not ever again! ok?

    God luv you and may he continue to bless you in ways you haven't even imagined yet...
    blessings for always, and thank YOU for sharing your life with us!

  2. cya sunday...
    anything we can do to help? just call! :)

  3. To be honest I thought that this may be it. I never thought in my wildest dreams that everything would go as well as they did.Honestly ,I was scared shitless to be totally blunt. After feeling sorry for myself for a few days I decided I was going to have the most possitive attitude that I can have. Pray alot and try and live my life as normal as possible, for myself and everyone around me.All the support that I also received from everyone gave me a huge boost. I will always be indeaded to you and all the other supporters .I believe that God still has a plan for me.