Saturday, July 11, 2009

If it wasn't for my back.

The Ceiga's Neighborhood Park

I had the ct scan this morning for the pain that I have been having with my stomach.It was nice cause since it was a weekend one of the ct operators came in just to give me the scan. It was at Franciscan Hospital in Munster. They felt it was something that needed to be done ASAP.When I got the scan I had to wait until the Radiologist gave the Urgent Care Doctor at the Clinic the results first. If they weren't good I probably could have been admitted
,But the test came back normal. Couldn't see any abnormalities.So this is another bullet I dodged. I think I am going to lift some weights now since all is good.

Zach today got to go the Gary air show. Our neighbors asked if Zach could go with them. It was very nice of them to ask, Zach was very excited. The family and I were planning on going too,but Because of my ct scan and my belly hurting we decided not to go. That made it even sweeter that he was still able to go.When he came home he was all excited and was telling me all about it. He was talking so fast I had to tell him to slow down so I can understand. Then he started to make the Jet sounds and telling me how loud they were. I guess now his interest went from trains to planes.

I took it easy for the most part today. There was one point where I was just staring at Zach as he was playing with his Lego Star Wars. He will not leave the house without them, kinda like American Express.Well as I was watching him playing so intently with his Lego Star Wars he would look up at me once in awhile but, wouldn't say anything.This was going on for while and finally he said"whhhaaaaat Daaaaad. I said oh nothing. He went back to playing and I went back to staring. Again he would look up at me and say nothing.This again went on for awhile until he said " Daaaaaad why do you keep looking at meeeeeeeee. I finally told him that I like watching him play and mommy won't let me do anything else.

I am still in some pain and my back is really driving me crazy so I am going to end this now. I hope my back feels better soon so I can write a little longer. Thank you for visiting and as always God Bless.


  1. how are you feeling today?
    better i hope?
    take care..deb:)

  2. Missed you in church today. Thank you very much for the coats. I love the white one. How was the graduation party? Any tipe you can share for ours?

    Just wanted to let you know Bill laid around today after the mass. We survived without having him do things.
    Sally :)

  3. oh sally, the white one is my personal favorite...i had 2 of them because my mom always bought 2 of everything so the girls were often dressed alike...:) i think kaity would look adorable in it and i am so glad you like it!

    did you get those invites printed yet? if not, PLEASE let me know! we can and gladly would print them out for you...

    all i can say is that i am thankful the graduation party is over and the weather couldn't have been better. we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and kept it as simple as possible which turned out to have been a true blessing!

    we also got picninc tables from highland park district and those were life savers!

    anything i can help you with for your party? just let me know what you need and i'm there for ya!

    so glad to hear that bill took it easy today and hope he is feeling better each day!

    blessings always,