Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today kicked my butt. It seemed that the whole day I was in the car going here or there and again back over there after I been there already. The day was very muggy and hot. My feet felt like they were on fire. Sally all day was trying to get me to take it easy ,because she could see I was having a hard time. I felt so tired and exhausted ,but there was a lot to do for Michael's graduation. We had to get the tables and chairs and some of the food at My mom and laws house. I had to make a couple trips to my moms so she can store some of the food. We actually have food for the graduation stored at 4 different locations in Northwest Indiana. So I know tomorrow will be tuff. I will be going all over and collecting the food and getting the yard ready for the party. So I already know tomorrow will be another hectic day. I really need to get to sleep so I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrow. So I am going to end this blog early.

The Sox are on a losing streak after Buehrle's Perfect game. Three games lost in a row. The Cubs have won three in a row. Lets hope that last forever. The bull pen gave up two more runs in the ninth. Lou doesn't believe in having a starter pitch longer than the 6Th inning. No matter how well they are pitching. Heilman gave up two homers in the bottom of the ninth. Again good thing the Cubs had some cushion,won 5-3


  1. It was so cool that when an opposing team hits a close to homerun ball in "The Cell", White Sox fans don't reach out to try and catch the ball before it is well passed the wall. It makes it much easier to pitch a PERFECT GAME...and by the way, Bill, The WHITE SOX are winning tonight and Sally wears the pants in your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good guys wear black!!! and have black (like the White Sox) as the background on their blogs...