Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No way!!!

I bearly slept a wink last night, I think it was the chemo. I ususally have to take something to get me to sleep. My back was killing me too. I got up and took some Motrin. That helped my back, but I still couldn't sleep. I was up pretty much the whole night. I got up around 11 am ate breakfast and took Michael to a friends house. I went to church to say my daily prayers and picked up Michael and went home. I took Kaity outside and Zach soon followed. I decided to empty out the sandbox. It had alot of standing water in there that had to come out. I didn't want to wait until I felt more motivated. I knew I should do this very soon,because of the West Nile scare. I got all the water out and most of the sand out, that I will finish tomorrow.I didn't want my back pain to come back so I just started talking with a few of the neighbors the rest of the evening and came in to watch tv.

I was told that I should talk about some of the things that happened to me when I was working at Sterks Super Foods ( The store were Super Man shops by the way). I started out as a hard working bagger. There was this time when I had a clean up to do in one of the aisles. but unbeknownce to me it was vomit. I have a fairly quemish stomach so I had somewhat of a hard time cleaning this up. Every time I looked at the mess I would gag and gag some more. Who ever did this was an artist. After I got done gagging to the tune of Cyndie Lauper's Girls just want to have fun and finished cleaning up the Picasso I heard in the near distance excuse me sir,excuse me sir. Yes, mame may I help you. Yes, please wait. She preceded to bend over my mop bucket and finish her art work in my bucket. I was saying to myself no way. ( I guess she wanted to do water colors next) I took the bucket to the back room and left it by the sink. Never to look at it again.
This next story I was in the backroom talking to Veronica the magazine girl. I was a stocker at the time. We were just talking about this and that and how good looking I was and that sort of thing. Then this middle aged man comes in the back room and walks to the roll up door where we unload trucks. He unzipped his pants and relieved his self in the corner of the doorway. Veronica and I looked at each other and said in unison NO WAY! I told this animal that he will be cleaning up his mess and that if I ever saw him again that I will tie his manhood into a Fisherman's Knot.
Another time I was stocking in one of the aisles. I was doing my job flawlessly as usually. At one point I looked up and noticed a dark round ball in the main aisle were the meat counter is. I paid no mind to it at first but, kept looking at it wondering what was on the floor that everyone seemed to be side stepping. I decided to take a closer look. As I got closer and looked around some of the other aisles I notice other dark balls. I decided to kick one and found out it was poopies laid by what I thought at the time by a giant rabbit. I went into some other aisles and got to the produce aisle and noticed Stanley,who is a very old sweet man in the aisle. As I was watching him walk away every few steps he would stop and shake a leg and out came the prize. I thought maybe he was afraid that he might get lost and was doing the droppings so he will be able to find his way out of the store. I didn't have the heart to approach Stanley since he was a man who everyone at the store knew and liked and who came in literally every day some times more than once. I was a Frozen Foods and Dairy Manager at the time so I could delegate the work now. So I got on the intercom and said clean up in aisles 1, 4, 6,7 and produce than I went on break.
I will tell more stories of my Sterk days( Hammond Sibley Store mainly) That was a very unique working experience. I have a couple of good stories when I would catch shop lifters, maybe tomorrow.

I got the results back from my Thyroid Biopsy. Everything came back normal with no seen issues. Thank you for the prayers. Now I am starting to feel a little better now. Thanks for visiting and God Bless.

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  1. most important of all..
    GREAT NEWS about your thyroid results!
    once again..the POWER of prayer! :)

    so now about these stories..oh my goodness how very entertaining! i too have been having trouble sleeping and decided rather than tossing and turning yet another hour i would check and see if you had posted a new blog...lucky me i get a new blog and a good laugh! thanks!
    i think my favorite story is stanley:)
    blessings always, deb