Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is my little girl on her first date. Be home by 7 and no funny business!

This is going to be another shorter blog. Sally and I have a lot to do for the yard sale we are having. So between getting everything together and trying to keep up with the house and just the two of us doing this is allot to worry about.

As everyone knows we all went to the Cubs game yesterday. It was a good game up til the 8Th inning. I have one thing to vent about and I know Sally and everyone else that's been around me today is probably sick of hearing. It's the 4Th inning the Cubs just made 4-3 still down by one run. Ryan Dempster who I still like is getting hit hard all game and is the batter. The Cubs are having some momentum and the bases are loaded. Lou lets Dempster bat and he strikes out and the next inning gives up three more runs. It would have been different if the bases weren't loaded or even if Dempster was a good hitting pitcher but, he isn't. He is batting .088, so Lou you an idiot. If he insisted on a pitcher batting , he should have sent up Zambrano. I feel better now.

At the game Sally took Zach to walk and get some refreshments. When they came back there was a guy sitting next to wear Zach was sitting.Zach was just standing by me and just staring at this guy. I knew the guy was a seat jumper because our sits were superb. This guy was huge in stature and eating like he hasn't eaten in three days. He had a black eye to boot. I think his name was Vito. Zach would stare at this guy and then turn to me. I am thinking to myself , Zach what you want me to do.I think he read my mind and said Daddy "I will sit on your lap". He after a while had to leave because the real occcupance of the seats came.

This will be it for today. I felt great and my arm soreness is getting better. Thanks for visiting and God Bless you all.

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