Friday, July 10, 2009

Come on seriously

Written by Sally. I am certain this will not be approved by Bill Ceiga.

Come on seriously. I am believer that God keeps giving you the same lesson over and over again until you learn what you are suppose to. Bill claims to believe in the same theory. However, I am beginning to think he believes it goes for everyone else except for him. I know it has been mentioned many times but one of the reasons Bill is in the situation that he is in is because he didn't take care of himself. Regardless he would have had cancer. At his age there would have been no reason to screen him for color cancer. However, he wasn't feeling well and had the symptoms for a few months. Didn't tell the doctor because he didn't want to miss work. If he might went in sooner the cancer may not had spread as much as it did. It's a good learning lesson for everyone. He is just lucky that it was found before his colon ruptured.

After his last surgery I complained on the blog about him not taking it easy like he should and not taking his pain meds. Others express their concerns when they found out what was going on. It didn't stop him from doing things he shouldn't but he did start to take more Motrin.

Yesterday he didn't feel very well and for the most part he took it easy. Last night he started to have a lot of pain in the abdomen where the cut was made. This morning he felt worst. I suggested he called the doctor to see if he could be seen. He didn't want to go. He said he felt better when he moved around. The surgery was a month ago. He shouldn't be in pain that much pain but what do I know. This afternoon he took Zach to the library. When he got home he was stumbling. The pain was so great he had trouble breathing. I mentioned going to the urgent care and he said no he just had to rest. I finally told him that he is going. There is no indication that there is an infection by looking at it. He isn't running a fever either. He was given an antibiotic to take. Tomorrow morning he is going to have a CT scan done to see if there is an infection. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with him. Maybe he is just over doing it. I would rather be safe then sorry. He was a little annoyed at me while we were there. I tried to explain if there is an infection it can be very serious. Waiting to see if he gets better is just silly. If it in infected waiting can be dangerous. I was threatened a couple of times about having a sock stuffed in my mouth. That's OK I can take it. It's better to be safe then sorry. Hope someone in my house (the oldest male to be exact) starts to get it.


  1. I am not going to reponde to this post. I asked Sally tp write it and she has a right to say what she wants as my wife and somebody who I do beleives cares about me.I may not like what was written but, I respect it.

    I know that i do stupid things most of the time. I don't purposesly try to make my health any worse.I have been feeling pretty good lately with a few minor exceptions, so sometimes I will do things around the house cause I hate to sit around and do nothing.If that makes me a fool than a fool I am.Bill

  2. what you ARE, in my humble opinion bill is STUBBORN! and as much as i understand your desire to DO things what i do NOT understand is why you feel you have to do things that overly involve PHYSICAL activities that wear you out!
    i am not sure what you're trying to prove but it seems to me that you have a personal battle going on with yourself, in other words you are your own worst enemy!
    NOBODY enjoys watching someone they love and care about push things to their limit and that is exactly what you're doing. why? you have come so far and you have beaten so many of the odds and i tip my hat to you for it and i know much of it has been shear determination on your part BUT...major surgery (no matter WHO you are!) has basic rules that even you bill are suppose to respect and those rules have been around for a very long time and there are reasons for them...
    whatever it is that you are trying to prove i pray you find other ways to do it and that maybe, just maybe you can relax and DO things that do NOT require quite so much physical exertion on your part..oh i don't know, maybe you could read kaity a book, or sit and watch tv/movies with your kids, or maybe you guys could play board games or computer games...i mean there ARE things you CAN do now to allow you some time to store up some energy, which by the way your chemo treatments TAKE alot of your energy right out of you too.
    i am praying that there is nothing seriously wrong because how frustrated will you be if you have to delay yet another chemo treatment simply because you have pushed yourself?
    sorry bill but i have to agree with sally 100% on this one! please STOP being so stubborn!
    take care..
    blessings always,

  3. Amen! Zachary needs lots of help practicing reading and speech to Bill.

  4. I think that I need to limit the amount of charachters to the comments!!!!!

  5. are you calling me a character? :)

  6. No Deb I am pretty certain he is referring to me. If he could besides putting a sock in my mouth he would tie up my hands. But I would still find away to speak up when I see him not taking care of himself. It's not just about him, his kids need and deserve a dad that who is well and that will live as long as they can. I am fighting for them. Hey Bill I thought about something else you can do that won't require much movement. You can let Michael practice driving so he can get his license before school starts :)

  7. Wanted to let everyone know we are back from the hospital. The CT came out fine. No sign of infection.

    I also wanted to state by all means my attent was not to humiliate Bill. I was hoping by him reading the post he might realize how silly he is being.

    Bill Deb gave you lots of good sugestions to do with the kids. There is also a model air plane Zach has been waiting to help you build.

  8. What I meant by charachter is each letter in the alphabet is a charachter. Each digit of a number is a charachter, commas, periods, question marks whatever a charachter.