Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the grind.

Kaity woke up a few times last night and had night terrors. She didn't get her nap yesterday. Without a nap she will have night terrors. Sally left her moms a little earlier than myself and the boys so she can get Kaity to bed. Kaity kept telling Sally she wanted to leave. As soon as they got home she went right to bed. We stayed to clean up our mess. We did most of it and went home at about 9:45pm. I had to go back to my mom in law's to get the cupcakes I forgot to bring home.The cupcakes were the most important thing to me and I left them behind. So I did the noble thing and went and got them without Sally telling me too. They were nothing compared to Jacqueline Wong's cupcakes but cake is cake and I still enjoyed them. Zach stayed behind to take his bath. When I got home Kaity and Zach were clinging to Sally both of them crying. I thought about walking out the door really fast but I knew Sally saw me. I didn't want her to make me cry either seeing how she probably made Zach and Kaity cry. I later found out Kaity was crying from a night terror. Zachary was trying to help calm her down. Sally told Zachary she is having a bad dream. Zachary said "It's Ok Kaity we are not monsters." Zachary tried to get Kaity by him in hopes to calm her down. Kaity wanted nothing to do with him. Zachary was really tired himself and extra sensitive and started to bawl because Kaity didn't want him. It really broke his heart.

Yesterday I promised to write more about the party. I wanted to thank everyone who helped us out. The brownies my mom made were out of this world. My mother in law commented on how well she liked them. One of Sally's sister told her mom they were hash brownies. Mary did not know what hash was and my "Innocent" wife had to tell her what hash was. I was told that my 16 year old niece and my sister in law Stacie was going to show us how to play bags. My brother in law Tom and I stood there and watched them show us how not to play. The "men" slightly beat the "gals" with a close score of 23 to ZIP. I guess I didn't understand what she meant. She must of meant how not to score while playing bags. If you think about it that was a feat that not to many people can brag about. When it was time for Sally's sisters to leave, Stacie found a DVD left in her car. It was "Fire Proof". She started asking and accusing who put the DVD in her truck. It was funny to watch her. I was sort of jealous the only thing that is left on my car is a sales flyer , a parking ticket or a squashed bug.

Today I didn't get out of bed until 12:22 pm I woke up really sore. Everything hurt but my shoulder hurt the most. I am not sure how I hurt my shoulder. I think maybe it was when I fell out of the bouncy yesterday. Sally and I went back to her mom's to finish cleaning up. It was really hot. Sally kept telling me to stop and we could go back tomorrow. I wanted to finish and get it over with. Plus we are going to have a busy week a head of us and wanted to have one less thing to worry about.

Today Kaity had a poopy diaper. I offered to change it while Sally was wrapping up a plate of cupcakes. I went to take off the diaper and it brought me down to my knees and made my eyes water and I couldn't help but gag, Zachary started screaming because of the smell. I looked down at the cause of all the trouble and she was laying there plugging her nose. So even she knew she had stinky diaper. Sally walked in the room and offered to finish when all I had to do was put the new diaper on. Thanks but no thanks.


  1. CUBS WIN!!!!
    CUBS WIN!!!!!
    GRAND SLAM in the 13th!!!!
    CUBS WIN!!!
    Sorry bill i just couldn't help myself!
    such a great game!

  2. Cubs rule and Blankenship drools!!!!!!!!
    Oh ,did I mention that the Sox lost