Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The End Of The Rope

Today, Bill had an appointment with the oncologist to discuss what to do now. We knew that the tumor in the colon tested positive for the K-ras mutation. We were aware that means Bill is not a candidate to receive the chemo therapy drug Cetuximab. What caught both of us completely off guard was when Dr. Mboma told us this is the end of the rope. Which means, if the new chemo therapy treatment (which Bill begins April 7th) doesn't work, there is no more chemotherapy drugs for him to try. The only option would be to go to Chicago and participate in a trial study.

I wanted to cry. I am sure Bill wanted to do the same. But of course, we covered the tears up with humor. Dr. Mboma told Bill he can go back to the health club but he needs not to push himself so much. Sounds like Bill resembled the picture below from what Dr. Mboma described.

Which is funny because Bill described Dr. Mboam much differently.
We always see Dr. Mboama wearing a button down shirt, a tie, and often a jacket. He is a tall slender man. He kind of looks like the below picture minus the suspenders and the glasses and he isn't a nerd.

The way Bill described him he was built. I wouldn't know because Dr. Mboama wouldn't take off his shirt and tie for me. I can only imagine. But seeing him with his shirt and tie, one wouldn't know he was buffed. So I will just imagine him looking like this.

After we left, all I wanted to do was run away. If we had the means, I would gather all my babies and Bill too, and drive off into the sunset and leave the computers and phones behind. Go somewhere where we do not have to worry about the bills, house repairs, medical expenses, cancer,laundry. school, people being mean to the kids, etc... Just the 5 of us without a care in the world having fun and enjoying each others company and making life long memories.

We did the second best thing. We gathered the two little ones (since Michael was no where to be found) got in the car and drove to Baker Square for free pie Wednesday. It was good to see the kids silly and happy.

Now that's a face only a mother could love.

Then the pie arrived and there were more smiles.

And just for a few moments, life was exactly what it is suppose to be like.


  1. Hey Bill, its Pastor Brian from Harvest Church. Its been a while since I have been on your blog but I have been praying for you. I want to extend an invitation for you and your family to come to Harvest. I would love to be able to talk with you and pray for you. Please consider it. Also, on a lighter note, thanks for the reminder about "Free Pie" at Baker's Square.

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you Bill that the Chemo starting on April 7th will do it's job and do it well.

    Hugs and best wishes - you remain in my thoughts xxxx