Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trouble on O Day Drive.

I had another restless night but everything was fine as far as any pain or throat issue was concerned. Two fingers on each hand were and still are numb along with my feet. I got out of bed and watched some TV until the numbness went away. I got back in bed at about 3am and fell asleep after about another hour and was up before 9 so I could make Zach his pancakes. He was happy to see me get up. I went in the living room to watch Elmo with Kaity just to mess with him a little bit. Finally he goes in the kitchen and gets the Dad Pancakes note he made the night before and throws it in my lap.OK Zach I will make your breakfast now since you were waiting so patiently. I started to make the fluffy wonders as only I can make them( following the directions on the box).He sat at the table with joy in his eyes. I gave him three silver dollar plus size pancakes that I think never made it to the table. He ate them so fast I thought that he may have taken a bite out of one of his digits. I gave Kaity one of these delights and she also devoured it. I had to give her another one that also disappeared. Usually she will nibble and not eat much. She knows that Daddy doesn't cook much and thought she didn't want to miss the opportunity to taste something that should be featured on the Food Network. After the three of us were fed the smell obviously woke Sally up. She floated into the kitchen with her mouth open and ready for the round heavenly goodness. She was lucky enough to get the leftover pancakes that were just as good. Michael slept through all of this. He could have a marching band in his room and he still wouldn't wake up.

This evening we had to go to my mother in laws for awhile. as we were going down the street, Sally said " HEY ,there is flashing lights down there lets go take a look. "Sally we are tired and want to get home as soon as we could." "It's not the police cause they are white lights and not red or blue". She said "Aww come on lets be nosy and see whats going on"."Fine,fine I'll see what is going on if it is that important to you. I am traveling down the street which seemed like another mile traveled and getting closer. As I approached the so called trouble that was brewing I noticed something .The white lights that so mesmerized my wife were not flashing but flickering. It was a family of 4 on there bikes and the lights were on there handlebars.I should have asked her if I should have done a citizens arrest since they were causing such a ruckus.

Now here is the boring part of the blog for most of you about our troubled Chicago Teams. The Cubs and the White Sox.
Sox-45-43 3.5 games out are Cubs 43-43 3.5 games out
Sox and Cubs half way mark stats
The Sox have 287 walks 6th The Cubs 333 walks 24th
Sox 619 strike outs 12th The Cubs 662 strike outs 5th
Sox B
atting ave.263 12th The Cubs Batting avg. 2.47 27th
Sox Homeruns 103 8th The Cubs Homeruns 93 13th
The SoxRBI'S 392 14TH The Cubs RBI'S 338 26TH The Sox ERA 4.16 9TH The Cubs ERA 3.83 5TH
The Sox in 1-6 INNING AVG. 2.71 The Cubs in 1-6 AVG 2.56
The Sox in 7-9 INNING AVG. 2.47 The Cubs in 7-9 AVG 2.28
Sox with NOBODY ON 2.60 Cubs with NONE ON 2.55
Sox SCORING POS. 2.72 Cubs scoring Pos. 2.18 worst in league INDIVIDUAL LEADERS
Konerko-Dye 3.02 18th Theriot 2.99 23th
Homeruns Dye 20 8th Lee 17 13th
RBI'S Konerko 60 7th Lee 57 12th
ERA Buehrle 3.66 16th Lilly 3.18 11th
Wins Buehrle 9 8th Lilly 9 6th
Strikeouts Floyd 92 14th Lilly 101 11th
As I see it both teams are still in striking distance but, have a lot of work to do if they want to be still playing in October.

Thanks for visiting and for baring with me, and God Bless.


  1. i gather that you mean God bless the cubs and the sox...right?
    they sure need someone's blessings! actually what i think they REALLY need is a kick in the behind, they are just so-so, no fire, no drive, no excitement!
    and when they DO start to show some life...it fizzles out as quickly as it appeared.
    all together now...
    let's get it started uh huh..
    let's get it started uh huh..
    :) guess who?

  2. It's time to take off the cubbie rose colored glasses.