Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sally + microwave= disaster

Today I went to Central Park to meet Zach and his classmates.It was a field day for them and all parents and siblings were invited to be at the park. All the kids were having a fun time then I was spotted. I could just hear them say "Hey, there's the Fat Guy with the big head. One child that was there was Dante. He asked me if I could give him a cookie. I did have a bunch of candy wrappers in my pocket but, nothing to make him think that I had cookies. I said ," I will get you a cookie if you have cake on you." He didn't have any so we both lost out. I was spending more time with the other kids than my own son. To Zack I am his dad and he is use to me and the other kids probably look at me as a prop.(Fat Guy with a balloon head).

Sally and I went across the street to visit with a neighbor and to bring dinner to them. We felt uncomfortable walking there but I am glad that we went. I have lived here since 1992. I really never talked to any of the neighbors. In fact, I was told that one of my neighbor who lives next to me is afraid of me. Not sure why, I never said or did anything to him. But I have been told I look crabby and mean. When Sally and Michael moved in (almost a 11 years ago) Michael started talking with the neighbors but they still avoided me. In the last couple of years Sally and I have been trying to become more friendly with them. Now what I have been home I have talking with them more. I will feel better when I go back to work knowing my neighbors better. I feel now that Sally and the kids can go to some of them if something were to happen (like a fire) and needed help. The neighbor we visited has been ill since the fall. He just came home from the hospital on Friday after being there for over a month. We really don't talk to him but he was always on him porch watching out for the neighborhood. He always waves to us and had came over a couple of times to help us out. I am looking forward to seeing him on the porch again watching out for us.

When mentioning fire it just brought up a lot of memories for me. Like I have mentioned before Sally can cook. What I have failed to mention is we are lucky the house is still standing. Sally has caught a cutting board, dish towel, wooden spoon, paper towels, and I am sure other items I can't think of at this time on fire. Some of them was because she turned on the wrong burner and the other times was because she was careless and had an item to close to the flame. Also on several occasions has forgotten to turn off the flame. I have walked in the kitchen a couple of hours after she was done cooking to find a flame on the stove. What even scares me more then her using the stove is her using the microwave. I had to replace at least 3 microwaves after she was done using them. The very first time was before we were married. I was working and Michael and Sally were there. Sally went to make a bag of microwave popcorn. I have no clue what she did but the house was covered in smoke. It was so bad that when she went to open the windows smoke was coming out of them. The inside of the microwave was charred and my house smelled for days. I purchased a new microwave with a sensor so this way she could not burn popcorn again. She managed to ruin that one when she was melting chocolate. Not sure how but the microwave started sparking really bad. That was the end of it. Then we bought another one. It didn't even last for 2 years. She had this great idea to try to roast garlic in the microwave. She was in the living room and noticed smoke coming from the kitchen. Flames were literally shooting out of the microwave. She was able to put the flames out with baking soda. Even the bowl she used was shattered. Needless to say that microwave was a goner. Burned garlic smell is much worst then burned popcorn for your information.

I have a favor to ask from everyone. My good friend Dan, his sister is in need of prayers. I won't go into details but the family as well as I am is very concerned for her.

By the way the picture above is the Garlic she nuked,

It's getting late. Sally is waiting for me to watch a movie. God Bless.


  1. prayers on the way for all who need them! i say plenty of prayers and have extra on hand..always!
    God bless!

  2. special ones for cub fans

  3. yea cubs fans always need special prayers LOL