Friday, July 24, 2009

But Daaaaaad!!!!

Sally is a little irritated with me. She said because of the stuff I write about her in the blog ,everyone thinks I am whipped. She feels that she has been been per traded wrongly. She also told me if I continue I will not be able to write the blog any more. So I do not want to disappoint anyone. So in order to keep the blog up I will say that I am the one who wears the pants in the family. Even if they do have holes and bleach stains on them. I think most people think that Sally wears the pants because,alot of the time I am an idiot. Read the next story to find out why.

Today has been a little hectic. Trying to help prepare for Michael's party. After the party on Sunday Michael wants to be able to have his friends over here as well. So we are trying to get our house cleaned too. This morning I went to return the wrong car part. On the way home I went to the chapel and said my prayers. I took Kaity outside for a couple of hours. When she took a nap the kids, Sally, and I cleaned the living room. I was breathing a little heavy. It was warm, the dust was bothering me, plus Michael and I were pulling out the furniture so I could vacuum. Sally had some more running to do and asked me to come with. I could tell she was worried about me and knew that would be the easiest way for her to get me to take a break ,so I went. Kaity and Zachary wanted to go with as well.They don't like to be home with Micheal, Michael is meeeeeeeeeeeeean. One of the places on her list was the dollar store. Sally told me to be in charge of the kids so she could get what she needed. Zachary came up to me and said," DAAAAAAAAAAAD I have to go potty noooowwww!" "OK Zach I'll look for the wash room in a minute". "No, Daaaaad nooooooowwww!" "I have to go very baaaaaaad"! I looked at his face and realized that I didn't have much time. The clock was ticking and ,if I didn't act fast, I knew the store will probably have to be evacuated. So I looked frantically for a restroom for Zach. I finally noticed a sign on a door about taking merchandise into the restroom. So I knew this was the golden door. (no pun intended)" Zach this way, go in here". "I will be right out here waiting for you". " OK, Thanks Daddy." As I was looking around I heard a yell coming from where Zach was. "DAD, DAD WHERE ARE YOU." "DADDY I NEED YOU". I go back to where he was and said what Zach what do you want. "Dad, I have no paper towel to wipe my butts ", Oh no. I looked in the room next door hoping it was another restroom, it was . I looked at Zach and noticed his pants were down to his ankles. I realized at the moments I had to go into Starskey and Hutch mode to get Zach in the other restroom without being detected. I had to hide him behind boxes of merchandise and shelving to get him to the safety of the other restroom. We finally got him where he needed to finish his business. When We got back in the car I was telling Sally the story that I can mention in my blog. After I was done she said," Why didn't you get bring him some Toilet tissue from the other restroom. After pondering her response for a few seconds I timidly said,"Because I 'm a idiot. I had to tell her no common sense was a chemo side effect.

The Cubs won 8-5 to Cincy. Cubs closer Gregg gave up two runs in the ninth, nice job. Good thing the Cubs had some cushion.Cubs 1 and a half games out.
Sox lost a twin bill to the Tigers. Sox two games out.

I am keeping the blog short today because of the amount of things we still need to do and because Sally told me to.
Thank you and God Bless.


  1. I have to agree with Sally that sometimes you don't always shed the best light on her, and if it were my husband writing some of these things about me, I don't think I'd be as tolerant of it as she is with you :p even if it's in jest you must remember that it's the internet so people can't always hear the tone of your voice when you write. Anyway, that's just my wifely opinion. I can give those now :p

  2. I voted that Sally is the head of the household because she is so sweet, why wouldn't Bill follow her lead. A good man wants to keep a good woman by making her feel like no one is above her...well, accept Jesus, that is.

    In no way does elevating Sally to head of the household put her mean she is a great leader and rises to the challenge again and again.

    I usually kid around with my posts...but this one is serious. Sally should take absolutely no offense to the results in this poll.


  3. Jacqueline,
    Thanks for sticking up for me. After being with some one for this long I know his humor. I know when it comes to me it's all in love. He does not want to offend anyone in his writing. If there is something that he has written and someone doesn't like he will delete it. Most of the time if he writes something about me he will ask or have me read it before he publishes it. It would be different if all he did was write about me. But he writes about everyone's sillyness is my family including himself.

    The funny thing about the survey is that he always makes the comment that I am the boss and he knows it's bother me. On the major decisions we make them together. I guess on the regular every day things I do make the majority of the choices since I am the one who does most of the planning.

    Aunt Sally

  4. Joseph complains that I wear the pants, but whenever I ask him to make a decision he just tells me he doesn't know... It bothers me too that he accuses me of it, but then he wont try to take the lead either even though I WANT him to. I want to be the doting obedient wife every once in awhile lol. husbands...