Thursday, July 2, 2009

I was a little hungry. Thyroid test wore me out.

This is a picture of one of Sally's sisters that Ron and Lynn invited to their kids birthday party that we went to the past weekend.Can you guess who it is.

I had the thyroid test today. I didn't like it to much. It didn't hurt but made me feel a little uncomfortable. The doctor prepped me for the test and did an ultra sound to see exactly where the nodule was. After he was done checking this out he started with the test. He had to get 4 samples from me. The first one he did hurt , there was allot of pressure in the area. The other 3 weren't as bad but still felt a little pressure. Each time he took a sample he had to use the ultra sound. He would press down fairly firmly in the area he was working on and that was very uncomfortable. When he was done I had to wait to make sure that they had a enough cell samples. If not I would have to have another sample taken. When they came in and told me they have what they needed I was able to leave. I was told one of the doctors will call and tell me the results in a week.So I will wait until next Thursday , if not I will call myself ( this meaning I will call the doctor. I won't call myself literally that would be silly )on Friday.After we got home I had to take a nap. I was so tired and had to lay down.My neck doesn't hurt that much now but, at first there was a feel like I had a bruise on my neck.Swallowing does not hurt I only hurt slightly if I move my neck a certain way. I will pray now and until then so that the results don't come back with bad news.

Sally myself with Zach and Kaity went to Gordon Food Service. There was a good sale there. We had to get stuff for Michael's Graduation party to be held on the 25Th of July. I was in my glory, there was samples everywhere.The first aisle we went in there was two types of coffee for my drinking pleasure. I could have stood there the whole time as Sally was shopping with the kids.I felt bad because all I was hearing was KAITY ZACH GET OUT OF THERE! WHERE IS YOUR FATHER!! That was my cue to try and nonchalantly get back to her, without her thinking I was to far from her.Later we were going down more aisles and there was samples of salads, Oh heck ya. So of course there I was helping myself to this goodness and watching Sally leave my sights. Again I wasn't paying attention as she was doing the shopping with the kids. Then again I hear
KAITY,ZACH WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET OUT OF THERE, QUIT DOING THAT, WHERE IS YOUR FATHER!!! So again with my tail between my legs I head back to me wife. She says what are you doing.There are some things I want to see in case you miss them. Whatever, just stay by me. So we try this again.We are in another aisle and I was being good. Every time she would look at me I would just smile back. We went down the next aisle and there was samples of Gordon brand Cheetos. Now every time Sally would look at me I would have this even bigger smile. ( I was thinking about the orangy treasure I just found) So again I was helping myself to some of this new found treasure. This time I was smart and just took some of the little containers they were in and went on my way. I would have to hide behind displays so Sally wouldn't know that I was hiding my find from her.Then I got thirsty and had to go back and get some more coffee. I snuck away again to get the coffee.Then again I hear ZACH, KAITY GET OVER HERE, NO YOU DON'T NEED THAT , GET OVER HERE, WHERE IS YOUR FATHER. I quickly ran to her and said I am here honey, Watch the kids and don't let them out of your sight. So the rest of the time they were stuck to me like glue. Sally finally got done and we went home. I was happy because now I know I can't get in trouble anymore.

Zach has been wanting to watch the Indiana Jones movies. He has a WII game that is Indiana Jones Legoes. This made him interested with all the movies. We watched the Last Crusade with him and had floats. It was a nice time. Throughout the movie would always ask why is that , what is happening there, is he going to die. Watch the movie and find out that is why we got it for you.He only has the Crystal Skull one left to see. He really like them allot except if he thinks there is going to be a gross part he will leave the living room and stand in the hallway until it is over. I tell him there really isn't any gross parts in the movie.A very relaxing evening.

Thanks again for visiting and God Bless You!


  1. oh Do manage to get yourself into more trouble! :) next time take the kids with you for least one of them anyway!

    i am sure i speak for MANY when i say that you are in our prayers and a week can seem like an eternity sometimes but hang in there, stay positive and enjoy the holiday weekend with family and friends.

    ok blessings for always on all of you!

  2. The kids were more interested in the water fountain, so I left them be.

  3. you ARE TOO FUNNY!
    hey how long is that sale at gfs? i have a grad party next weekend and was planning on going over there this week. maybe i should head there tomorrow huh? oh wait are they even open tomorrow?
    oops sorry..just talking to myself abit there...any thoughts?

  4. GFS is open tomorrow. I think the sale ends tomorrow. I did get some good buys. I have a $5 off coupon with a purchase of $50 or more. Let me know if you want it. Sally