Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy Kids

Come on you guys. You're able to answer surveys about everything else but when I have a survey about SBD everyone clams up. Come on everyone does it. Some more then others. It's not like we know who answers what. I am curious and want to see how many people are like me. So indulge me in my curiosity. I am not working and bored so it doesn't take much to entertain me lately.

Last night I still couldn't sleep well. A side effect of the chemo plus being connected to the pump while I am sleeping doesn't help either. I slept a while today before I had the pump removed. I was so tired my eye balls burned. After the doctor's I went to church and prayed. I came home and slept some more. If Sally hadn't woken me I'd probably would still be sleeping.

While I was sleeping my kids and the neighbors were entertaining themselves. Most people have to take their kids to the park, zoo, water park, movies etc... so their kids will be entertained and not be bothering them. I guess my kids and the neighbor's kids are so under privileged they are amused easily or maybe they are just that bored and anything is intriguing to them (sounds like me). Sally had the kids outside so I could sleep. She painted Kaity's nails and then painted her own. Taylor wanted to paint her nails as well. Zachary asked to have his nails painted to. So Taylor painted his nails. He did not want hot pink though because he didn't want to burn his fingers. He just wanted pink polish to be used. From what I was told Zachary started to paint this hand and his nose and Sally told him to quit. Taylor and Zachary decided to get markers instead and used their and the other kids' bodies as canvasses. Between the markers, Popsicle, and the dozen of freezer pops that dripped all over them it would probably be easier to take the power washer out and soap them up and spray them down then it is going to be in the shower. After Zach took his shower he still had marker in his nose.(?) At least Zach wasn't wearing his winter coat outside like he did all day yesterday. He wouldn't take it off because he was "cold".

Like I said earlier I am very tired cause of the lack of sleep the last few days and my stomach from the surgery is giving me a little discomfort today too. So I am going to sign off for now so I can spend some time with Sally before I fall asleep.Thank you for visiting and God Bless.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! i am just thankful that you keep the camera handy for moments like these! it's great to see kids outside and enjoying themselves with the simple things in life..seriously!
    you guys have some great kids and they surely have a sense of humor (not sure WHO they get that from?:) just LOOK at the huge smiles on their faces, they're enjoying themselves and just being kids...
    count your blessings...
    i hope you get some sleep tonite bill..
    thank YOU for sharing your family and your trials with us..
    blessings always,

  2. by the way...I VOTED!

  3. White Sox - 44 wins 41 losses

    Cubs - 41 wins 41 losses

    Seems to me that the tide has turned and the Good Guys have taken the lead.

    I'm a happy camper!

  4. LOL - how many Cubs players does it take to catch a fly ball in the outfield? Answer 3, and they all missed it! ROFL

    Cardinals 8

    Cubs 3

    Deb, I tried to get an order sheet or something from your website and all I got was an e-mail from pay-pal telling me to pay now. Can you send me in my e-mail your address so I can mail you a check? I want the pre-packed cards (10 count).


    Hey - "cards" rule!

    Cardinals that is.