Monday, July 6, 2009

seen not heard

Woke up this morning ready to begin chemo once again. Once again my blood pressure was high. They asked me how I felt and I told them I feel fine. My wife doesn't under stand the concept of being seen and not heard and obey your husband told them I had the sniffles. Which cause them to have the doctor come in and talk to me. He asked me how I felt and I told him I feel great. Sally once again told him I had a tickle in my throat yesterday. It wasn't a sore throat it was just a little scratchy(she likes to over exaggerate). I explained to him I was outside in the rain on Saturday because of the 4th and that is why I think my throat was "scratchy" on Sunday. So the doctor asked me if I was running around outside like a 5 year old? Once again Sally couldn't be quiet and replied "More like a 7 year old". She thinks she is so funny when she is not. Just ask Michael he always says the same about her. So because of her big mouth(see what I have to put up with) I couldn't have chemo today. I had to go for a chest X-ray.I think Sally is really enjoying this. She always tattles on me like we are kids. If she keeps this up I am going to start sneaking out of the house and go by myself. It's not like she can go on her own with only one car. She has no room to tattle. It works both ways. I want everyone to know that my wife canceled her appointment with the gastric doctor and did not reschedule.I think I may try and reschedule it without her knowing.Then ask her if she wants to go out on a date with me and take her to the date Doctor instead. It rare that she feels good. Everyday I hear she is tired, has a stomach ache or a head ache. It's not like she complains but I can tell she doesn't feel good. I don't think she has had a female exam since Kaity was born. She has been on medication for high blood pressure since she was 19. So there honey I can tattle to. I was told I needed to see my family doctor because of the blood pressure as well. My doctor is leaving the clinic on the 16th and is booked until then. The oncologist said I should see an internist and was able to see one this afternoon. My blood pressure was normal there.(122 over 80) I had a stitch that was coming out and she removed that for me as well. She didn't seem to concern about my BPas much as she did about pulse being fast. She asked me if I was under stress. Duh! Since January I had 2 major surgeries, been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, been out of work for over 5 months, not sure how the job situation will be when I return, bills, bills and more bills, waiting to see if the cancer spread to my thyrold, 3 kids to clothe and feed, one of them is going to college and still needs to take drivers ed and plus we are trying to throw him a graduation party. Stress? What the heck do you mean stress. No not me. She gave me a prescription and told me to come back in 6 weeks. I hope the new meds work. Tomorrow at 10:30 I go back for chemo. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm.

Our next door neighbor has 2 younger kids 4 & 8. What ever they do Zachary wants to do vice versa. Lately they have been going on lot of bike rides. Every time they go Zachary whines that he wants to go on one. I have been wanting to go but have been taking it easy because of the surgery. Today, once again they went on a bike ride. Once again Zachary started to whine. Sally said she was going to take Zach for a bike ride. I knew if Kaity saw them she would have fit since Sally doesn't have a bike seat for her on her bike. So I said I would go with. We didn't go very far just to the park. Zach immediately found some kids to play with. Kaity ran straight to the swings. Later on she spotted the teeter tauter and wanted to go on it. Sally and I were helping her and Zachary wanted to go on. I hurt my stomach trying to help and sat down to rest. Zach found a girl to go on it with. The next thing I knew Zach was crying and Sally was walking towards the bench with him. He fell off of it and landed hard on his back. He wanted to go home after that. While I was attending to my injured pumpkin Sally went to get Kaity and Kaity took off on her. She ran to a tunnel and went inside. There are holes in the tunnels so she could see out. Every time Sally would go to one end she would hurry up and go to the other end so she wouldn't get caught. She get's her smarts from her dad. After she was caught we went home. We didn't even get out of the park when Zach fell off his bike. He got hurt again but was able to manage to ride his bike home.

Michael will be coming home tomorrow night. He is feeling better. Went white water rafting this afternoon.

Cubs won today. Sox didn't loose today but they didn't play either. They are both 2 games out with virtually the same record 41-39 Cubs and 42-40 Sox

Going to watch a movie with Sally(Valkrie). God Bless you all, even you Sox fans.

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