Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peace and quite(?)

I had some running around to do today. I got that done and went home and slept for about 4 hours.I was very itchy last night because of the pain meds.So I didn't get allot of sleep because I was scratching myself(watch it) all night. I was going back to the ones I was given from the surgery.If I need to I will take the Motrin during the day.Sally wasn't feeling very good today. Zach was the big brother for Kaity. Sally and I laid down for a little while together while Zach and Kaity played with each other. When Sally got out of bed she saw that Zach was wearing her cloths. Sally asked him why he was wearing her cloths. He said because since he was being the mom today he had to wear her cloths.

My mom got her results back from her surgery on her Thyroid. The Thyroid is not cancerous. She is doing very good and obviously she is happy with the results. Thank you for all the prayers.

Tomorrow I am going to have my Thyroid biopsy. That is at 12:15pm. I was told that it's not to bad. They will numb the area were they will get the sample from. I will receive a ice pack to take home with me. It's a simple procedure but, I may have a sore throat. I hope its not as bad as the surgery. I had a tube in my throat during the surgery and when it was pulled out my throat hurt.I hope that this Doctor that is doing my biopsy doesn't smell like a hot dog like the last Thyroid doctor I went to did.

Michael isn't home now. He is in North Carolina with his girl friends family. He will be there until about Tuesday. He talked to Zach for awhile when he got there.Zach is sad and said he misses his brother.I'm really not sure why, cause when they are around each other they constantly annoy each other to no end. It's really funny cause everything that Zach does to Michael is stuff that Michael use to do to Zach.Zach is really smart on picking up on things and observing. He will do this until he perfects it and then he will go for the jugular.That is why when it comes to annoying people Zach is probably one of the best,because he will perfect it.

I have allot of things to do before I go to bed tonight. So I am going to stop here.
Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. hey bill...
    i do hope the biopsy wasn't painful for you or a bad experience in any way! seems to me you have had enough of that.
    thank goodness for your moms results i am so happy for her!
    do you guys have any plans for the 4th?
    take good care of you and get your rest so you are all ready for monday ok? seriously! you must relax and rest!
    hope sally is feeling better!
    have a safe and happy fourth, everyone!
    blessings always, deb:)

  2. We have a lot of things planned for the 3rd and the 4th.The Highland festival, Highland parade and going to sister in law and a few other things. A very full weekend. Thank you for your comment Deb I appreciate it.