Friday, April 27, 2012


This morning Bill was suppose to have the paracentesis done.  We were told by doing this it would drain the fluid in his abdomen and give him some relief. The fluid is caused by the liver poorly functioning.  There was a scheduling error and Bill was not able to have the procedure done at out patient.  We went to the E.R because he was in tremendous pain and with all the all fluid being retained he had trouble breathing. He was able to have the paracentesis done at the hospital.  Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.  There were to many pockets in the abdomen which only allowed for a small amount of fluid to be removed.  Bill is still in a lot of pain but hopefully should be feeling better later tonight.  He is being kept at the hospital so the pain can be managed better.


  1. Bill: I love you, dar-link. Begging Jesus to help you out. Here's a big hug. Barbara

  2. Praying with every last fiber of my being that this brings you some relief!

  3. Thinking of Bill and wondering how he is doing.