Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today started as a bad day with all the things that had to be done for Michael's Graduation party. It was to start at 2pm, but we ran a little over. After the wounds were licked everything worked out OK. There was plenty of food for everyone and there kids and there kids who aren't even born yet. All the food was simply Divine and diverse. It was quite the smorgasbord of delectable delights. I want to thank my brother in law Tom for taking over the grill duties from Michael and being the Grill Master Flash. I was originally the one to do the grilling but I had other duties to attend with. Other than the great varieties of mouth watering choices of food product. Lets not forget all the desserts at my ( and my niece and god daughters Hollys) Disposal.We had ice cream bars, sandwich's and drum sticks. At one point I seen Holly peeking around the door of the garage to see what her mom was doing as she was holding a ice cream bar. Another time she had an ice cream bar and her mom said Holly what are you doing. She quickly gave it to Kaity, here I got this for you. Kaity was looking at it with a look of what am I suppose to do with this, now that you got every ones attention. She did what any little girl would do, she started to rip that ice cream bar apart. It wasn't a pretty sight. I think she may be part goat. Zach had his share of ice cream too. I was told that he probably had at least 4. If he kept that up he probably would turn into an ice cream bar or sandwich.

We had a bouncy there for every ones enjoyment and I mean everyone. I went in it and it totally freaked Zachary out. I squeezed my way in there and just went crazy jumping around. The thing was bouncing to the right and to the left. At one point I think I actually had it air borne. Zach started to scream DAAADY YOU ARE RIPPING THE BOUNCY APART STOP IT DADDY. So I did what any father would do in a situation that scared his child. I jumped even more and harder. Again Zachary was screaming DAAAAAAAAAD STOP IT , YOU ARE RIPPING THE BOUNCY ALL UP. IT'S GOING TO ROLL AWAY. OK ,Zach I'm done anyway.The bouncy is just fine.I had to explain to him why the bouncy will be fine. After I got him to stop rocking back and forth I got out. I felt like I was trying to squeeze out of the end of a balloon. For all you who may be wondering about Zach, he will be fine. I will have more about the graduation tomorrow.

This is it for tonight, I am very tired and need to go to bed, thanks for visiting and God bless you all. Check out the new polls.

Cubs won again and now are in FIRST Place. The Sox finally won but who really cares.There not in first place.


  1. thanks for everything mom and dad i love you with all my heart

  2. Kudos to Sally! You (and Bill) did an awesome job putting the party together. The food was outstanding. I think we all had a great time.

    you KNOW you did a good job when your child thanks you in your blog cuz i am not so sure i have seen michael on here yet..have i?
    anyway, the food was great, the weather held out and there was plenty of entertainment!
    tho i am so sorry i missed the part where bill was in the bouncy thing...
    i imagine you guys are EXHAUSTED!!!!!
    thanks for including us, we had a good time!!
    blessings for always,