Monday, July 20, 2009

Everything went almost well.

Today my chemo session went well except for the fact that my Blood Pressure was still high. They gave me a pill and it went down a little. I was still going to get the chemo regardless ,because they think maybe I have white coat syndrome. Although I have gotten BP checks from other doctors with a heck of allot better results. So I am not sold on that prognosis. I did talk to the doctor about coming back and he said yes no problem. I am planning my return on Aug. 5. I am having a chemo that Monday and think it best to get one more out of the way. I am doing great but I want to have a little more time. This is only my 2ND session after the my last surgery. An extra formula was added to this session cause I couldn't have it the last time due to being to close to after my last surgery.So I want to make sure there isn't added issues. I know for sure I could come back at that time. If there are issues though, I may have to have restrictions, which I really don't want. As of now I believe I will be fine with no restrictions. I will find out for sure on Wednesday.

Sally will stay with me awhile during chemo , just to stay and keep me company or talk about me to the other Ladys as I am sitting there listening. She will help me to unhook the machine when I need to go to the bathroom.That is usually at least twice during the session. Well during one of my bathroom trips, Sally came over and unhooked me and put the cord over the machine so I can walk to the bathroom. My tubes that were hooked up to me were just dangling down a little. I did my business and Sally came over to help me to get hooked up again. Actually I just stood there as she was untangling the mess. I knew if I moved I would have fell over cause it was around my legs now."I was like what the heck did you do", "WHAT I DID"!" YEAH,WHAT YOU DID"! " IT WAS FINE WHEN YOU YOU LEFT"! " IT LOOKED TANGLED WHEN I LEFT,BUT I REALLY HAD TO GO , SO I DIDN'T INVESTIGATE FURTHER"! "SALLY YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE AND NOW YOU REALLY MESSED UP GOOD". I don't take blame to well unless I know for sure I did it. Which is usually never. This bickering was going on for what seemed like 20 minutes. When we finally or I should say when Sally fixed her entanglement problem ,I turned to sit back down and noticed all the people in the room had grins on there face like they were trying not to laugh. "I said go ahead we do this all the time". One of the ladies that was there said she likes when we are there , that we are funny. I thought I wasn't trying to be funny. I don't think Sally was either.

Tonight I had some sparklers and decided to let Zack and the two neighbor kids light them off. The simple things that make kids happy. As I was watching them with there sparklers,I started to get mesmerized with the all the smoke and colorful sparks shooting everywhere. (I am easily amused too) This started me thinking about my youth as a pyromaniac. I would go in the backyard of our house on Duluth in Highland. There was a bush in the backyard behind our garage.I would go there and gather up my fire making materials and go to town. I did this when my parents weren't home. So please don't say anything to my parents. They may be very disappointed in me.I am much better now ,though. Some of those fires did get pretty big sometimes. I am very lucky I didn't burn down the garage or maybe even the house. So kids don't try this at home or anywhere else.

I want to mention on Saturday I participated in a car wash for the Youth group at St. James. It was a fund raiser for CYX. All the kids that showed up to help did a great job in getting all the the cars squeaky clean. It was a constant flow of cars that lasted throughout the 9-12 time frame. I don't know of the exact amount( I stopped counting after car 5) but there had to be about 30 cars washed quickly and professionally.Again great job kids you should be proud!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless you all.

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