Thursday, July 16, 2009

Indiana Zach

Today was another very good day. I went to bed late and woke up late since Sally allowed me to, as long as she was in bed with me. When she got up ,it was time for me shoot out of bed and start the day . She told me to take the car to have my brother in law look at it. As soon as I got home she was shoeing me out the door with Michael to do some errands. After that She had me go with Michael to the Kerns. Michael had to get with Mr. Kern , because they are planning CYX. I want to again thank Mrs. Kern for the Healing Charm she gave me. I will carry it everywhere. When we got home Sally told me to go to the store with her and watch Kaity as she shopped.(Sweety could I please have a bread crumb)

We have a new addition to the family. Today born to my cousin Adam and his wife was
Aiden George Quinn, who was born 5 weeks early and is breathing fine on his own. He is in Neo Natal ICU unit and may be home Saturday. He was 5 pounds 6oz and is doing fine.He will be monitored the next few days to make sure all is good for the newest Cub Fan. Congratulations to Adam and his wife for there new baby boy

This morning before Sally had me leave and do the running around Zachary came to me and said "Look Daddy I am getting tan. I am now turning into Indiana Jones" I told him sorry Zach you look to much like me , your cursed, but good luck! Later I was outside and monitoring the action outside. I saw Zach with all his Indiana stuff on(a rope for his whip and the brown hat). He goes up to our (Sally's --sorry honey) car and starts to do this dance. It was kinda like the Chicken Dance. I was watching him do this for what seemed like 3 hours. It's like time just stood still. Nothing else around me mattered. I was staring at him thinking what is he doing. I finally asked him what the heck are you doing besides
embarrassing me as the neighbors from across the street are staring at us." Dad ,I am doing the Indiana Jones dance. I saw all the Indiana Jones movies and I don't recall any dancing in any of them ex specially the Chicken Dance. He must be more observant than me.

The Cubs started the 2
nd half of the season with a win. They beat the worst team in baseball 6-2 so lets hope they sweep them. Sox didn't play.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. mrs kern? :(
    it's cuz i'm OLD right?

  2. Hey, Bill, since Deb never visits your blog and probably won't read this, tell her I love the debkards! Excellent quality at a great price!

    Oh, and, White Sox RULE!

  3. You always have the "change your vote" option on your polls here. Is that because a lot of women read your blog?

    Just wondering...

  4. Actually yes, Remember Sally set this up for me so she can tell me what I need to say and how to say it and yes she is a female and has the priviledge of changing her mind anytime for any reason
    ALL complaints about the blog should be addressed to Sally.

  5. Very funny Bill. I didn't have the option of being able to change the vote or not. I am sorry I am more computer literate than you are. Also, you are the wishy washy one in our family who can never make up his mind.

  6. my opinion...ONLY A MAN would THINK to put an option of "change your vote" and i believe this is because a MAN is more likely to change his vote based upon a response (from another male OR from a female) to his original vote. soooooooooo he is, in my opinion not really so sure of himself or his vote and can be swayed to "change his vote"
    whereas women think over their decision and when they make it they are much more sure of themselves and NOT so likely to "change their vote"...THE END!

  7. hey bill can you tell dan that i am THRILLED (sincerely) that he is so happy with the cards as i truly respect his opinions both as a writer and an artist ESPECIALLY now that i have started reading his book and have laughed and cried and i am only on the 4th chapter so far!
    thanks deb:)

  8. and it's NOT a laugh at (like ha! ha!) it's a laugh with the tears kinda laugh that means more like wow!
    i hope that makes sense!

  9. Hey- I continue to love your kid stories. That Zach is quite the character!
    One more surgery out of the way, got home today. It was strange, being on the same floor as say, appendicitis patients- I could just say I was in for a hernia repair and leave the cancer part out. Kinda felt normal.
    Here is praying for a normal summer for both of us Bill, filled with kids, work (although not for me, lol), church, good food and great friends.


  10. Patty, remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers.Hope the best for you for a speedy recovery and great summer what is left of it.

    God Bless you Patty and thanks for being there for me.