Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's guys like you Mickey!

My step Dad came over to help me figure out our vent problem. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I am hoping I just need to clean them out since I didn't have a chance before my surgery. I trenched and put on sealer on the foundation before the surgery and hadn't had a chance to do anything else. I still want to get some dirt to level the area some. After a heavy rain we will have some standing water near the house.My step Dad told me what to do to kill the smell and the bacteria. So I will try and do that tomorrow and have the family leave for a while, so I can do this effectively .

We went to our normal 11am mass at St. James in Highland.We came home and I laid down for what seemed like 4-5 hours or so and it felt good. I didn't want to get up, but I made myself. Sally had dinner ready when I got up. It was one of my favorites. Pepper Steak with the tenderest of meat and the most tangiest sauce just smothered all over bed of white rice served to perfection.Just smelling this made my tongue stand at attention.I know what I will have for lunch tomorrow,LEFTOVERS!!

After the feast I took Micheal somewhere and picked him up about 45 minutes later and took him to his Aunt Stacie's. He is going to Ivie Tech tomorrow with his Aunt to take a test. After I dropped him off and was on 231 heading west the song Mickey by Toni Basil came on. I came very close to pulling over and doing the Toni Basil shimmy. I thought about it for a while and decided that wouldn't be a good idea. Thinking to myself and picturing drivers seeing this 44 year old fat guy with a big head dancing around, that would definitely cause a massive car pile up on 231 and Cline ave. That definitely wouldn't help Indiana tourism when Fat guy dancing in corn field news got out, but than again I would want to check this out if I could.So maybe tourism may actually boom. Getting back to the Toni Basil song. I was in my glory and couldn't help myself. I love to hear the cheesy songs. The more cheese and greasy goo the happier I am. I don't like all cheesy songs though, so don't get me wrong I am not a complete cream puff, only one with a big bite taken out of it. For example about a week ago I heard the song Afternoon Delight on the radio by Starlight Vocal Band. I also was tempted to pull over but not to dance. I wanted to throw up and take my bottom lip and pull it over my head. After analyzing the situation for awhile I just decided to change the radio station.

Like I said earlier I did take it a lot easier. I am felling a little better as far as the stomach pain goes. Now I have a tickle in my throat. All day I been clearing my throat and coughing. My back is better as long as I do my blog in a rocking chair and not on the couch.

The baseball season is at the half way point. I will give my analysis as I see it in the next day or so. Both teams need help.

Thank you for visiting and God Bless.


  1. gotts go watch the homerun derby but wanted to thank YOU for taking it easy yesterday and hope that you are feeling EVEN better today!

  2. guess i should have read it BEFORE i posted it...:)
    that would be gotta NOT gotts