Sunday, July 5, 2009

It doesn't pay to be nice.

Yesterday we went to my sister-in law, Stacie, and her better half, Tom's house for a cookout and fireworks. It was raining when we arrived. It didn't stop them from firing up the grill. Tom had a little mishap and singed the hair off one of his arms. The food was good. Stacie did a good job putting the feast together. While she was busy playing hostess she asked Sally to keep a watchful eye on her 3 kids and make sure they didn't eat to much. She told her oldest, Noah he could only have one sweet item. Noah chose a cupcake. Bekka her 5 year old went to grab a cupcake. Sally told her if she ate it she couldn't have a smore. I being the best uncle and Godfather in the world told her to hide and eat it so her mom wouldn't know. She saw her mom coming and sat next to me, I was standing up and she told me to sit down so her mom wouldn't see her licking the frosting off. After she licked half of the frosting off she said "Uncle Bill will you finish it for me". I told her I would take care of it. I threw away the evidence without being caught before her very mean mother saw.After the fireworks she was able to enjoy the smore she was dreaming about all night without her mean mother being the wiser. My wife the narker told her sister about Bekka. So Noah's mom did the fair thing and let him enjoy a gooey smore as well. The fireworks that Tom and his neighbors lit off were spectacular. Lucky for them the ground was wet. With some of the misfires they are lucky to have their house and garage still in tacked.

Last night was a long restless night. Kaity had trouble sleeping and ended up in bed with us. She kept moving around and kept poking and kicking me.I ended up on the couch. She woke up crying in the morning. Sally carried her to the living room. She was still crying. I offered to hold her but she didn't want me either (not a big surprise). Zachary woke up and sat on the corner of the couch. She climbed up on him and snuggled her face in his belly while he hugged her. I am starting to see a pattern. Michael is vicious to Zachary, yet Zachary really misses him. Zachary is mean to Kaity, yet she wants him to comfort her when she is upset. I am thinking I need to be meaner to my kids. They might like me better. Now I know why Sally is so crazy about me.

Today we took the kids to Main Square. We were there for a good portion of the day. Both Zachary and Kaity enjoyed the rides. It was warm and it wore all of us out out.

Michael is still in North Carolina. He has been to the ER twice for trouble breathing. He has bronchitis. He was given an inhaler and antibiotic. I hope he feels better soon.

I had a light bulb moment yesterday. I realized when I write my blogs I mainly use past stories for Michael and Sally. Where as I never run out of material for myself. Michael isn't around much which explains a lot. I need to spend more time with him though, when I am running low in material. Spend a day with him and I am guaranteed a good blog. Sally on the other hand is trying to act her best because of the blog. If I was able to have secret cameras recording her when I am not around I am sure I wouldn't run out of stories.

Cubs won today. Sox didn't do as well, welcome home Dan! Tomorrow, I go for chemo as long as my blood pressure is OK.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. CUBS WIN!
    Aramis is back reed johnson is back it just doesn't get any better than this!
    guess who? :)