Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Neighborhood watch

I woke up and feed Kaity and Zach and went back to sleep. I didn't wake up until it was time to go and get my pump taken out. I had a very restless night and the Benadryl I take didn't help. When I went to get my pump taken out I was the only one there when I walked in. This is the slowest I have seen the nurses since I have been doing chemo. While I was there I had to get my next appointment and my release to come back to work. Shortly after getting my pump out Angela one of the nurses gave me my release with no restrictions except when I have my chemo sessions and appointments when I need the time. I was now waiting for my next appointment for chemo. I was sitting there for 5 min, than 10 mins, than came 15 mins and finally after 20 minutes Goodie one of the other nurses asked me if there was anything else she could do for me. Yes , there is,can you please give me my next appointment time? "OOOOOhhhhh I am so sorry I forgot to give it to you." I had this printed up awhile ago and forgot to give it to you." Goodie is a working machine that is unstoppable. She really seems to like her job. Her pleasant demeanor makes it easier for all of us going through chemo.I wish I had half the energy she has.

When I finally left I had to pick Sally up at Factory Card Outlet. As I was pulling in the parking lot I noticed someone that I knew from work, he was one of the laid off workers and was going into Borders. He was one of my closest friends so I thought I would go and say hi. I thought that I would play around and hide and call him. He was looking at some books with his son and I was by the CDS looking at them hiding behind a shelving unit. When I called him , I saw him go into his pocket and pull out his phone and look at it and then put it away. I was dumbfounded ,and couldn't believe what just happened. This was a guy who once called me his brother and said if I ever needed anything to let him know. We have been good friends for about three years. I was hurt that he did this. I at that point decided to leave and go and get Sally. I thought maybe because he was with his son he didn't want to pick up at that point. So I was hoping he would call later, So far nothing . I have left him a few messages in the past few months with no call backs. I guess since my chips were down, he doesn't want me as a friend anymore. That's OK, I know who my true friends really are. The ones that have been there since the beginning and still with me now with no strings attached. I appreciate everything everyone has done for me and love you all and thank you.

When Sally and I got home we noticed that a tree that was in our neighbors yard had some branches broken and some flowers were picked from it and laying on the ground. The neighbor is elderly and doesn't get out much. The tree is a rose of Sharon. It usually is full of blooms during this time. Now it is bare except for the flowers on the top they couldn't reach. Sally got out of the car and asked all the kids that were there what happened. A few of the kids spoke up and said that two of the other neighbor boys did it. Sally and I both started to tell these kids what they did was wrong. One of the kids dad came over and Sally told him what happened. He told his son to clean up the mess. While he was doing that the other kid started to walk home. Sally told him he needed to come back and help. His mother was at home 3 house down standing in the yard watching. Sally was telling him they need to stay out of that yard. While she was talking to them the other mom from her yard told Sally we are always picking on her son. Sally said she talked to the other kid to and she wasn't singling him out. Then the mom said there was another kid tearing up the tree and that he didn't get in to trouble. Sally was livid. She couldn't believe this woman would let her kid and other kids tear up someone else's things and just watch. So Sally confronted her on that and it turned into a yelling match. I just stood there shocked. Sally is quiet unless you know her then it's another story. I really haven't seen her confrontational unless you are a cashier at Kohl's (that's a story for another blog). Some of the neighbors stept outside their houses to see what was going on. At one point I was wondering if I should get the hose ready just in case I needed to hose them off. It didn't last very long, Sally said what she needed to say and started to walk away. But I was getting more irritated with the woman's uncarringness. So I told her you just watched as these kid were destroying this tree and said nothing. I said I don't care who is doing what but if I see any child doing something wrong I will put a end to it. I told her that she needs to watch her child when he is out because I am not a babysitter. She said I didn't ask you to be a babysitter. I said I have to because you never come out and check on him to see what or where your 5 year old son is. OOOOHHHH SHUT UP she yells back. The exchange of words lasted for only about 5 minutes. This was something that needed to be done because of the frustration that has been going on this summer with two kids on our street. So I actually felt better afterwords. These two kids have been doing things like this all summer. Going into neighbors yards and pulling flowers and branches from trees. At one neighbors house they took his mail from his mailbox and threw it all over his yard. The same kid who his mother claims we are picking on has ran Zachary over with his bike and purposely through Kaity's chalk on the ground to break it. They come to our house always asking for food. They are even in our yard when we are not outside and even when we are not home. This is just some of the things I noticed sitting on my porch trying to mind my own business. At least I have entertainment being at home. I am not sure what is going to happen when I go back to work. With the 2 little hoodlums running around without my presence anything could happen.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to have happier stories soon, so stay tuned. God Bless.


  1. I just wanted to say that when my dad was sick with cancer, his best friend of 25+ years didn't call or visit either. It was too hard for him to deal with seeing his oldest, best friend sick. I know it hurt my dad, but sometimes people just don't know what to say so they stay away. And sometimes it's just too hard to watch someone you care about be sick. I don't think he's being a jerk just to be a jerk. Try to give him the benefit of a doubt. They're not all as good as you, Bill!

  2. i agree with stacie COMPLETELY! some people have NO IDEA how to handle a situation like this. they FEAR the word cancer and (don't laugh) are afraid to be around anyone with it for fear it could happen to them. it's sad but it is what it is.
    and maybe, just maybe this guy was sensing that someone was stalking him in borders and he was afraid to talk on the phone while a crazy person was watching him :) :) :)
    don't be too hard on time you see him maybe you could try going up to him and talking to him face to face...when he sees how well you are doing he might be more inclined to talk..:)
    blessings always, deb:)

  3. i have a feeling that sally will handle things around the neighborhood just fine when you go back to work..:)

  4. White Sox have a perfect game!!!!


  5. Sox lose two, to the tigers Yessssssssssssss!!!!