Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks kaity!

All day getting ready for the Yard/garage sale. Felt good all day and trying to get my shoulder pain to go away. Every time its on the verge of feeling better I will hit it or bump it some how. This way the pain will linger longer. (Sounds like a title of a Harry Potter movie. Harry Potter and the Dreaded Linger Longer) So again this post will be smaller, so I can get to bed and be up around 6:30am or so.

This morning I fed Kaity and started on my busy day. Before I went outside I gave her a kiss and a hug. So all day I am outside doing what needs to be done. Had to go to the neighbors a few times and talk to them. Later I left and went to the chapel for peace and quite to say my prayers. I went home and continued with the sale stuff and having some conversation with some of the other neighbors about what we are selling. I noticed this one time when I was talking to Ronny A few houses down from me , that he was always looking at my shirt. I have to admit I did have a cool shirt on. Finally I asked him you like my shirt. His response was ," uummmm you have something on your shirt and I have no idea what it is ". I quickly looked at my shirt and noticed a big splotch of Kaity's oatmeal on me. Not just any oatmeal but, blueberry cream oatmeal. So it was this Grey Matter with little blue speckles all over it. I explained to Ronny what it was and how it came to be one with my shirt and he understood. Or at least he said he did.

If you find yourself in Griffith tomorrow or Saturday come to the two house Yard/ Garage Sale and have an all Beef Hot Dog , chips and a pop for only 2$.

Good night, God Bless and thanks for visiting.


  1. I am a bit far to come to your sale, but best of luck! Hope you sell a million :)

  2. Cubs lose and White Sox was a good day.