Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Jennifer Ireland Foundation

I recently, found a wonderful organization that helps family who has a parent fighting colon cancer.  Back in November, we were in a bad place financially.  Behind on the mortgage and facing shut off notices on some of the utilities. With my short term disability being a fraction of my pay, we either pay for medical care and medication or try paying some bills. Usually, we do not have the option of doing both and the bills get neglected. Out of desperation, Sally searched out for help on line.  Not an easy thing to do but it's less embarrassing to do it on the computer then it is on the phone or in person.  It's less embarrassing asking for help from a stranger then it is to ask from someone you know.  

Sally found and origination called The Jennifer Ireland Foundation.  It's an organization founded in the memory of a young mother who battled with colon cancer.  The foundation helps other family's with children who are battling colon cancer, financial assistance with their bills. 

I sent in the requested information and within a couple of weeks, I received an email they had help us with our bills. This month I do not have to worry about our mortgage, phone, or gas and electric because of their enormous generosity.  To be on honesty, it's been a long time we were actually caught up on the utilites and morgage.  It feels like we can breathe again.  

 Sally has thanked The Jennifer Ireland Foundation by an email.  I would like to thank them publicly and to share the word of a great foundation.  If you are in the same situation as I am, contact them if you need help.  If you would like to find a great organization to help here is one.  They have many fundraisers and accept donations.  Without help they couldn't help families like mine. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you and may you continue with great success with your deeds. Bill

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  1. Sally,
    Good Job! I'm so glad you were able to a way to help your family. Hopefully, Bill's other paperwork can get set up soon. I wish they had a way to bump people like you to the front of the pile. Some form of financial triage would be nice. Good luck and congratulations!