Monday, July 13, 2009

Indiana Zach and the Falling Child.

This is Indiana Zach and his lady of the day. He was playing as if he was Indiana Jones all day. If you notice in there hands they are both holding leaves from a Water Lilly plant. Wondering why? they are the whips of course. He was actually playing with the same one all day. I tried many times to have him to throw it away. He said "but Dad' it's Indiana Jone's whip!" I told him even Indiana Jones had to get a new whip once in awhile. He didn't believe me and still didn't throw it away.

Last night I barely slept a wink. My tickle in my throat kept me up because I was coughing constantly and clearing my throat. The coughing didn't help with my stomach.The more I coughed the more pain I would feel. I finally left the bedroom so I wouldn't keep Sally up with coughing and moving around.Yes, we do sleep in the same bed(most of the time).

Zach ,Kaity myself , our neighbor's son Tanner and my friend Hector from work with his daughter Martha went to Central park this evening.Hector brought his new puppy to the park with him. The puppy is a Dachshund (wiener dog ) that is three months old and named Charlie.The dog was an instant hit with aaaaaalllllll the kids. The park had quite a few kids there playing and when Hector showed up with this little puppy the playground emptied and everyone ran up to Hector before he even made it the the playground.I told the kids that were with me to go and play before everyone comes back. When the commotion died down and the kids were back Kaity was just standing in the middle of the playground staring at everyone. She is a very observant little girl and likes to scout the seen before being the rumbustious little girl she is when she is familiar with what is going on. After she was done watching everyone she decided to go on the slide. The slide she went on was a cork screw slide. She was at the top waiting to come down and I was at the bottom waiting for her. As I was standing there waiting patiently for her and minding my own business when all of a sudden this what had to be at least an 8-9 year old kid lands on my head. I guess the kid thought my big sunburned head was a landing target for paratroopers . I said " Dude what are you doing! His response was "I am just playing. My response " I am not your toy. He is lucky I didn't go into Steve Austin mode.

Zach has been wanting pancakes for awhile and I told him that I will try and attempt to make him some in the morning. So that I don't forget he wrote me a note " DAD PANCAKES" I hope the note doesn't blow on the floor.

I have felt allot better today. My pain in my Stomach and my back is allot more tolerable today. The tickle in my throat is gone. I really didn't think that was a laughing matter. I know stupid joke.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. do you have a runny nose as well? I had a chronic issue with runny nose when I was doing chemo- wonder if the tickle in your throat could be due to that? The only thing that helped me was cough syrup . Kinda like a domino effect with me- the runny nose, leading to the cough, jarring then in my gut and now I am going in for hernia repair surgery.

    untreated cough=hernia repair surgery


  2. I had a slight running nose. Now I am alot better with the throat. I did take something last night and it helped.Thank you Patty.

  3. sometimes it's hard to believe these stories. i bet most of them r true, but a 9 year old landing on your head??? wow

  4. Yes , it was true because he was climing over the cork screw slide and lost his handling and slipped off on top of me. The kids there were playing tag and climbing all over the equipment, and yes a kid landed on my head!!!!!!