Friday, July 3, 2009

3rd of July

Bill is tired and asked me to write his blog. Today for the most part he took it easy. He went to church and prayed and did some bumming around. This afternoon he lit some fire works with Zachary. Of course all the neighborhood kids came over and wanted to help which is annoying. Lately they only want to come over if Zachary has a toy out that they want to play with or the next door neighbors are in our yard other then that they leave Zach alone. Not that we mind that they don't come over we just don't like the fact they only use Zach if they want something. Bill also lit cattails for him and Zachary. Some how Zachary managed to burn his face with one. He's OK, he didn't even cry. He has a little sore though.

This evening we took the kids to the twilight parade in Highland. It lasted almost two hours. I decided to put on my Cubs jersey before we left and the next thing I knew the other 3 had theirs on. I swear the kids got more candy because of our jerseys. Bill was worst then the kids when it came to collecting the candy.
Kaity loved the candy best of all. She also enjoyed the dogs in the parade. I planned on taking ear plugs for her but of course I had forgotten them. The fire trucks were much to loud for her. She was a trooper. She sat on my lap and I covered her ears with my hands. She still managed to give a little wave at the fire trucks even though she was scared.

Bill is resting right now but he is going to the Monastery for First Friday Devotion tonight. I hope he doesn't stay out to late since tomorrow will be a busy day. We are going to Griffith's parade in the morning. Then we are taking the kids to Main Square and in the evening we are going to Tom's and Stacie's for fireworks and food.

ubs won today! That always makes Bill's day. I need to go because Zachary is crying. The reason he is crying is because he misses his big brother. Which is funny because they are always fussing and fighting with each other. By the way Michael is having a good time in North Carolina. He is staying up in the mountains. He has never seen mountains until now. He went to an Indian reservation. Today they drove to Gatlinburg TN. Tomorrow he is going to see a minor league baseball game. I am glad he was able to this since we were never able to take him on a "real" vacation. Need to go and find Michael's cologne. Zach wants me to put cologne on the teddy bear Michael made him right before he was born. Zach wants to be able to smell Michael while he is sleeping. Poor little guy he is really upset. Happy and safe 4th to everyone.

This is Bill Ceiga and I approve this blog.


  1. I'm back from Alabama and I heard the White Sox have won 7 games in a row! Cool!

  2. Yes, but they lost today,welcome home!