Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I want my bowl!

My popcorn bowl was left at my sister-in-laws house on the 4th. I will not be the same until I get it back.

I finally got to have my much wanted chemo today. My blood pressure was still a little high but was better. They were going to let me do it even if it was a little high. There would have been a problem if it was decided to wait again, I would have been very upset. After all the talk we had about my pain and some of the stress that I am still feeling, what would you expect.So when I got there they started to get me hooked up immediately. In a warped kind of way I like to go there because of the way they make you feel.They are very upbeat and happy people.Considering all the constant running around they do to keep up to 8 people going on there chemo treatments.With all they do like hook us up, change over our treatment bags( each bag may last anywhere from 15 mins up to 2 hours , depending on what your dosage need is)remove pumps, give shots, do blood work, scheduling appointments, answer questions, answer the phone. make all the concoctions and give us what we need or ask for like a blanket , a piece of candy or beverage, an ear to hear us vent our fears or just listen to us talk and most importantly give us the remote to the tv.So to say the least these three women are definitely Gods children and very much appreciated for all they do with a smile on there face all the time no matter what . If I had to do this work I would have been asked to leave before I got to the door ( I was told many times that I look mean).So the chemo was a breeze with just a little tightness in my legs but I still was walking around to keep them loose.

When Sally and I got home I stayed outside with Kaity and Zach. I enjoy watching them play together. The neighbor kids came out so they started to play with them.They have a trampoline that Kaity loves to play on. The other kids went off and played else where and Kaity was on the trampoline and I was watching her.She was jumping and running all over it. A few times she would be running around to close to the edge and I didn't like that. I would be afraid she would loose her balance and fall off the edge, its about a 4 foot drop.So I would tell her to keep away from the edge. She would look at me and smile and start to run around the dreaded edge again. I would follow that with another threat to quit it. Again the smirk and the run around the edge. I decided I would do what Sally would do, and that would be to embarrass myself. I started to chase her around to get her off the trampoline since she wasn't listening to me. She always managed to stay at the opposite side of the trampoline from me. I was getting mad at her. I was afraid she was going to fall off.I would try to distract her and sneak up on her.That didn't work. All of a sudden I heard this loud uproarious laugh coming from the next door neighbors garage, great. Now I was really getting mad. Taylor the child who the trampoline belongs to came up to the edge of the trampoline and said come on Kaity lets go play. Kaity walked over to Taylor so Taylor could pull her off. That is when the laugh next door got louder. Thanks allot Ronny I'm glad I can make your day.

That was pretty much my day. I will get my pumped removed on Thursday at about noon. I hope that there is no ill effects. It seems the pump removal is when I feel the worst. So I will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you and God Bless.


  1. oh bill...i do so enjoy your blogs and the stories you tell are so entertaining! i give you credit because you tell them in such a way that i am able to clearly see the entire thing and this one was a classic!
    hey next time you want kaity to do something i'd just call taylor if i were you..:) :)

    have you TOLD those kind ladies at chemo how much you appreciate them?
    have a blessed day and i'm praying that thursday goes well..
    did michael get home safe and sound?
    WOW! is that all the popcorn you get? :)
    blessings for always.

  2. Thank you for your kind words about my blog and glad you enjoy my stories.Taylor is a very good watcher of Kaity, that is why she is very comfortable with her.

    I tell the ladies all the time about how much I respect what they do for all of us chemo patients. I would like to do something for them when I am done with my chemo.

    My new popcorn bowl is the one Kaity said I can use until I get my old one back. Sally has a big steel one she won't give up for her sick husband. How do you like that.

    Deb- Dan said he will buy some of your carda when he gets the chance. After coming home from vacation a few days ago, working overtime at work cause they got about 1.7 million in orders the last two weeks(I need to get back to work to help fill those orders)and other duties he needs to get done.He will place a order as soon as he can.

  3. Hey Bill, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been slacking again. But Dan keeps me posted, he's a good guy even if he is a south side fan.

    So you Sunday at Harvest?

  4. oh my goodness, bill please tell dan he has enough on his mind these days and not to worry about ordering cards...he'll get to it when he can..ok? it's NOT a big deal..

    ok well i do hope you are doing well. hey i was wondering something...why would you have BROUGHT your own popcorn bowl to your sisters house anyway? :)

    it is very thoughtful of you to tell the ladies at chemo how much they are appreciated! i am certain that you will think of something very nice to do for them when you are done...in fact...if you'd like..i would be thrilled to write a poem of some kind for you, (i did one for my girlfriend when her husband was in hospice and she wanted to thank the staff)
    the only thing is...YOU have to do some work. just jot things down as they come to you about the ladies over time and then email me them and i will gladly put something together..let me know what you think ok?
    blessings for always,

  5. Sally made a ramen noodle salad ( sound famarlier) for stacie's July 4th party, She decided to use my bowl instead of the glass ones she usually uses.

    Yes, I will take down some information about my chemo ladies and also Dr. Mboama as well. I will sincerely appreciate this a lot , cause these ladies deserve this. Thanks alot deb!