Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today I slept in late again. Sally and I have been watching movies at night and we have been going to bed late. When I got up Kaity was starving. She usually nibbles during the day but in the morning is when she eats the most. I fed the kids while Sally slept in. She woke up with a sinus headache. I took the kids to my mother in laws so Michael and I could clean out the garage. Trying to do what I can to get ready for Michael's graduation party on Sunday. I have chemo tomorrow. I never know how I will feel after my treatment. Some weeks I do very well and some weeks not so well. I know I am lucky though. I am tolerating chemo much better then most. I do believe it's because of all the prayers I have been getting and a specimen of fine health.

It took us a few hours to get the garage cleaned up. My mother in law said that Sally's dad would have been proud the way the garage looked. I was told he spent a lot of time in the garage. I took the kids to evening mass. After church I went to the store and when I got home I stayed outside with the kids. I had fun twirling Kaity in the air. It's funny watching her fall all the time. I know it was somewhat mean but, she loved it. So had to oblige her. If only they stay small like this forever I thought.

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen and Zachary came in. He took a bag and started to put water in it. I had no clue what the kid was doing. I told him to empty the bag. He said it was for his fish. We have no fish and I thought he was playing around. So I started to get a little upset with him. Then I heard Sally in the living room giggling. I didn't realize Sally was behind it. Sally was had told Zachary we were going to have live tiny fishes for dinner. She told him he would have to swallow them whole and they would tickle down his throat all the way to his belly. Zach went in the kitchen to get a bag so he could keep the fish instead of eating them. Later, Sally and Zach were talking about fish. She told Zach that he was silly. There would be no way she would eat a live fish and that she didn't care for cooked fish either. Zach said "Mom you are really picky. I wonder why you are fat." hmm that is a good question Sally admitted. She is very picky. She will not eat any meat that is grounded or processed. So no hot dogs or hamburgers for her. If she does order meat at the restaurant she will pick through it. A chicken breast she will shred up before she eats it. A roast beef sandwich she will tear apart and put the meat back on. She usually has a big pile of meat next to her sandwich she didn't eat.She easily could make another sandwich with the meat she pilfered through. When she cooks she is just as bad. A 3 lbs package of chicken breast will amount to a pound by the time she is done inspecting it. We have walked into restaurants and walked right out because she notices the cooks without hair nets on and long hair or because the place looks dirty.One restaurant we were planning on going to ,until we arrrived and the door was open and we went else where. If that's not bad enough. You should see her at a picnic. If there are gnats or flies around she won't eat. I was told when she was little on a camping trip her parents made her eat outside with the family. A fly landed on her food and she vomited. From that time forward she was allowed to eat in the camper alone while everyone else ate outside. She hasn't changed much since then. The funny thing is I wasn't really picky with my food until I started hanging out with her. Now I am getting picky too. I am not as bad as her but there are some things that I don't like either.If I am eating something and I bite into something hard I'm done, just to name one thing. Sally has to buy our meat at Welches in St.John. It is a less likelihood that I bite into something hard.It is rare that we buy any meat at a regular grocery store, never ground meat anyway. I worked at a grocery store and I know what they will do. Let's put it this way , nothing gets tossed out, expired or not.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have Chemo tomorrow. I should find out when I will be back at work and at what status. So I am hoping for the best for me , the company and for my Chemo.

The Cubs won again to the Nationals, the worst team in baseball. They swept the 4 game series 4-0 and won this game11-3. The Sox got smoked today by one of the other worst teams in baseball 10-2. Better luck next time,sike!

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. beutiful blog today. u would never survive in my house. my dad makes us eat anything. if it has a peace of hair, u pick it off. if u bite into a peice of cartlege, he says it has vitamins. maybe, just maybe i will grow up to be like those cummins ladies. (just maybe)

    i pray for u. (i have started to say the roseary now)
    -stephanie :)

  2. you're in the prayers of many as you have been in the past and will remain in the future. hoping all goes well tomorrow and that your days are always blessed with smiles and stories...i luv 'em! deb:)

  3. Stephanie, I am glad you are saying the rosary now. It is a major part of my day saying my prayers. They consist of the rosary , the Chaplet Novena and 5 other prayers. I like to go to the chapel at St. James to say them. There is no noise or distractions.

    I think I know why you are so skinny now and have stomach issues.

    Deb, thanks for your support I know you have been a big part of my recovery and I can never thank you enough.

    I hope we did a good job on your van. I hope it was spiffy clean when we were done.

  4. my van still SPARKLES! :)