Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh my aching belly

Today is another day filled with pain but, is getting better. I think just being home in my normal surroundings(total chaos) helps. I want to thank my sister in law Stacie for the smooth ride home. I really appreciated the time you took away from your family to help us get home. Sally thank you for the comfy pillow you gave me when we got home. Who would have figured it would have landed so perfectly on my belly.

I really hope to be more mobile in a few days. I don't like it that Sally literally has to wait on me hand and foot. She already yells at me just for picking up a toy. I know I need to be careful but, I hate to be this way. I feel I am taking advantage of everyone. I can only lift 10 pounds. That is my limit for about 4-6 weeks.

This is Sally finishing the blog for him. Bill is really tired. I am sure it's the combination of his body healing and the pain medication. He spent almost the entire day in bed and is ready to go back there. He took a little walk with me. I was worried about him but he said he needed to get some fresh air. We walked five houses down which was a lot for him. He walks bent over and slow. The pain seems tolerable as long as he takes the pain medication as directed. This morning he woke up in pain and was having a difficulty breathing. I am keeping track of his medication making sure he takes it on time.

It's nice to have him back home. It's going to take a few days to get the house back to normal. Kaity is extremely clingy to me. I can't do anything without her holding on to me. I don't mind but it takes me longer to get anything done. Bill's friend Dan came over to visit. It gave me a couple of minutes to finish the blog. Not sure what's with my kids but they like to be the entertainment. So, Kaity right now is trying to amuse Dan.

This is for Bill. Since you don't listen to me, I know you will read this. I don't mind helping you out. I don't see it as waiting on you hand and foot. It makes me feel bad when you don't allow me to help you. It hurts me to see you hurting. I feel better when I am able to help you. So let me help you!!!!
This is for Sally.I know you really don't mind. I just like to do things for myself. You have a lot of other things to worry about and don't need this added burden.That is why I try a little harder to get better,so I can feel better sooner to be a help around the house. I know I have lifting limitations and will be very careful to abide by them. I feel I need to walk a little more to get my heart pumping so that I don't feel as tired all the time. I know it's the medication but a little exercise I don't think will hurt. So give me a few days or a week or so and hopefully I will be back to my more jovial self.
Thanks for visiting God Bless you all.

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  1. bill...i just got an email last night from an old grade school girlfriend telling me about another girl we went to school with whose sister was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and that it has spread to her liver and lungs.

    when i read it i went back to the early postings of your blog to see if you had listed information for your readers about the early signs and/or symptoms.


    the most unselfish thing you have done here is put yourself out there in order for others to learn and i think you, as well as your family deserve a huge round of applause or at least a sincere God bless and thank you!

    i also read that one of the things you wanted to do was to take a family picture...have you guys done that yet? seems to me with fathers day right around the corner it might be a good time to get all 5 of you together and take a picture!!! i will be happy to come over and take it myself if that would help.
    let me know..

    God bless and i pray that today finds you in less pain than yesterday.

    blessings for always,