Monday, June 1, 2009

little red rocket

Today I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked to. Sally keeps reminding me what I need to get done before the surgery. I spent a long time in the doctor's office and waiting to have blood work. The doctor was in a very talkative mood and talked to me for a long time. Which led me to walking out of the office without the prescription refills which was the reason why I made the appointment in the first place. I will have to call his nurse tomorrow and have them call it in to the pharmacy. I had planned on riding our bikes to the park with Sally and the kids but the rain put a damper on it. Usually when I pick up Zachary from school I let them play on the playground for a few minutes. So today I let them. Kaity wouldn't play on anything because it was "hot". Then the rain started to pour down and we had to run to the car. The kids were all soaked. We went home until it calmed down a bit. I need to go to my mom's and asked the little ones if they wanted to go. Zachary of course wanted to and Kaity said "Nooooooooo" as she covered her head. I guess she didn't like getting her hair wet. What a typical female( A miniature sally) she is turning into. She did decide to go with us.

Dan thanks for the name of your mechanic. It's a little far for me to since we only have one running car right now. Deb I might be calling you for the number of your mechanic. I am going to take the car to Auto Zone and see what they have to say. I have been having my brother in law work on the cars but he has been really busy and his wife is having problems with her truck. I am very leery with garages. It stems back when Sally was having car troubles. Right after we were engaged Sally's little red horizon( I called the rocket) kept stalling.When I used to talk to her and she was driving the Rocket it always sounded like a wind up toy. I knew financially it would be hard for her to have it repaired being a single mom plus she had lot of medical bills and a student loan. So me who wanted to take care of my future wife told her I would pay for the car repair. Sally took it to a garage she had heard was good. We weren't aware they were under knew ownership. They rebuilt the carburetor and it was a hefty bill. I didn't mind as long as I knew she was going to have a safe car and not driving around with a car that stalls. Well, the car was still stalling so we went to take it back. On the way back we passed an older lady who's car had stalled about a block away from the garage. As Sally and I were dropping off her car the same lady walked into the garage yelling because the car she just picked up died on her. I had to a few times talk to the lady behind the counter. None of the mechanics wanted to come out to talk to me after I said they should all be wearing clown suits, cause that place was a joke. It was funny but it was a warning of who we were dealing with. A couple of days later the mechanic called Sally and told her the car was dead. The engine was locked and her car couldn't be repaired. They wouldn't even refund the cost of the repair because they said it was a different issue. Sally of course was really upset and couldn't afford to buy another car. So she had it towed this time to the dealership. There was a piece of metal that mysteriously ended up in the engine. That was when the crap really hit the fan. If they thought I was mad before ,that was nothing. I am not going to go into detail cause there are some younger kids looking at this blog. I did tell them that I was going to call the better business bureau and will make sure whomever I talked to that there name is mud in the auto repair business. Once it was removed the car was running but it still was stalling. She drove it like that for over a year. Her mom and I took her to work and much as we could. She drove my car a few times to. After I paid off my car (2 months before our wedding) I bought her a brand new car. It was our family car until she crashed it. It wasn't her fault and beside this wasn't the point of this story. This is the reason why I asked if anyone knows of a good car repair shop. I don't want a repeat of past events. Needless to say they have new owners again.

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