Friday, June 5, 2009

to tired to write

Hi it's Sally reporting to you tonight. Bill was going to write the blog but was exhausted. I asked him to sit and watch TV with me instead. He has been busy today. He woke up early and went to mass. He had a doctor's appointment after that. By the time he came home it was 1 pm. He spent a lot of time today working outside. When it rains a lot we have been noticing water in some of the heating vents. He digged around the back side of the house looking for foundation cracks. He also put a sealer on the side of the house along the driveway. After that he went with me shopping because he wanted to go to Borders. I am trying to get everything done before Wednesday and I was shopping a lot longer then we anticipated. We didn't get home until 9. I feel bad for Bill because he looks tired and worn out all the time. I can even hear him breath when he is so tired. I wish he would stop and rest when he gets that tired but he doesn't. I think if he were to get more sleep he would feel better. We go to bed fairly late and he wakes up early to go to mass. We need to start going to bed earlier. It didn't help that I took Kaity. She is a little Houdini and is able to escape from being fastened in the cart. So Bill was trying to watch and chase her around the store. Every time he would stop to look at something she would wonder away. Once I saw her wondering off and kept and eye on her until Bill realized she was missing. Another time she had wondered away and Bill had to find her. After that he dropped Kaity and me off at Kohl's so he could look around Borders. This time I had her fastened in the stroller. I also bribed her with fruit rolls ups. She was good until she ran out of the fruit roll ups ( on her defense she had been out with me for 5 hours and was getting bored and tired). I was shopping and looked down and that little stinker had escaped. I put her back in there and watched her. She is able to move around enough that she was able to stand up and escape that way. Bill left Borders to help me with her. Chasing her around would wear anyone out.

So now it's just a little after midnight. I begged Bill to go to bed but of course he didn't listen to me. He just left to go to the first Friday all night vigil. He will be there for a couple of hours. People bring in food and they take a break around 2 to eat. I am sure he will stay to eat. Plus, we have to wake up early in the morning. Zachary has a soccer game at 9. Plus, I called today about donating blood for Bill. I was told it has to be done tomorrow at the latest. I was told that their schedule for tomorrow is full and I need to call back at 7am to see if they handle extra donors. Originally there was going to be 6 of us but it probably will be more like 4 if they aren't able to squeeze us in tomorrow. So, I might have to leave early in the morning and Bill will have to be up to take care of the kids. Plus, he has to put all the dirt back on the side of the house before he it rains tomorrow. He wasn't able to do it today because he had to wait for the stuff he put on to dry. Tomorrow, we also have a graduation party to go to. Plus, we were planning on going out in the evening to celebrate our wedding anniversary since he will be in the hospital for it. I am hoping he will agree to stay home tomorrow night so he can rest. We can go out Sunday night instead.

I know I am not entertaining like Bill. He is the amusing one in our family. If I wasn't so tired I would write some embarrassing stories about him to get him back. I do have a correction for yesterday's blog. The music and people at the monastery last night was not Korean. They were from the Philippines. I know it really doesn't make a difference but I wanted to prove Bill wrong once again.The name of the healing priest is Father Fernando Suarez. You can google his name to find out more information about him.

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  1. oh my gosh! i was exhausted by the end of this blog and all i had to do was read it! :)