Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thank You

Hi, everyone it's me Bill,I am still in the hospital. I hope to be home sometime tomorrow.My only issue that I an having now is that I am having pain issues. They have been giving me different medications to try. What I am using now is better.I'm not sure of the name but,it makes me a little more mobile then I have been. My pain is at about a 4-5 was at 9 and a half last night. I will have to have a bowel movement before they feel I could leave.That is my only issue now. The pain I feel now is under control I just have to go poopies. I want to thank everyone for the kind words of encouragement and all the prayers. I will be looking forward to learn how to do cartwheels. I really wish Sally could have been able to bring the kids to see me. Well if you can't do what is asked of you then plans will change. I really miss them, even though it's been a few days but it seems like a month.

I am going to cut this a little short. I need to practice my breathing and doing some walking around to help with the pain. So anyway I am doing very good and couldn't have left today. The Doctors wanted to have the pain more under control.

When I write my next blog I will compare the difference between the two hospitals. Again thank you for the Prayers and words of encouragement.I am not totally out of the woods but, I can see the road out. Thank you and God Bless.

I want to say to my wife that I love her and I miss her very much. I wish we were together to celebrate our aniversary. You are with me even though you aren't here. YOU are a very special woman and I am very lucky to have you as my wife. I hope that we will have many,many more years together. I truly miss your smile and hope to see it tomorrow. Your smile is what I fell in love with.See you tomorrow sweetheart and love you. Bill


    May God bless you with MANY, MANY more!!!

  2. WELL? did you poop? are you home? :)