Sunday, June 28, 2009

If you are hungry, I know were you can go.

Sally came home very late yesterday so we woke up late today( I stayed up waiting on her). Sally was at her moms with her sister Stacie setting up visiting arrangements for some family members that are coming in for the funeral. So we didn't get up until almost 12:30pm. Zach being the good brother he is watched his little sister while his lazy parents slept the morning away. We are proud of him cause we thought the house would have been trashed. To our pleasant surprise it was fairly neat. Sally gave him a few dollars for his effort.I am sure he will use the money for Lego Star Wars.Waiting on Sally to come home wasn't bad cause I was on Facebook Chat talking to my Niece Stephanie for about two and a half hours. So the time really went by fast and it was a really nice chat talking about all kinds of things from my big melon head to ghost(spirit) visitors. She made allot of mentions of my blog entries that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.It really makes me feel good with all the positive feedback I get from everyone.

I also called a man named Ronald this afternoon. He is a gentlemen that is the brother of a friend of my sister Dawn. My sister asked me if I would give him a call to talk. He has type one Leukemia and has been given 3 weeks to live when first diagnosed. He now has been doing Chemo for two months and was told recently that he is in remission. I was told when they found my tumor that I would of died in about two weeks cause it would have burst.So we both are in similar situations. I told him what I am going through and how it all started. I told him my Zachary saved my life. I talked to him for a little over a half hour. I said as long as you keep a positive attitude and surround his self with great friends and prayers.everything good will come in time.He is a really nice gentlemen that needs every ones prayers as well.I will try and call him again to see how he is doing. He has been in the hospital ever since this diagnosis and is suppose to be home before the 4Th of July

Later that afternoon the family and I went back to Ron and Lynn's for leftovers and that night there are going to be fireworks. I hope we made a dent in all that food. With all the food that was there I thought maybe all the neighborhood kids were going to show up like they do at our house. Again we all had a fun time playing bean bags and making fun of each other. Ron's daughter brought out her jump rope and I had a go at it.(look at above picture). I was able to clear the rope three times before I would knock off my new Cubs hat Michael got me for Fathers Day.So of course I would have to stop to pick it up. You have to pick it up to show it respect. A Sox hat on the other hand you can stomp on it as much as you want to. This is the only way to treat a Sox hat.After jumping rope I really had to stop and relax for a while. I was hurting so I know I had to take it easy. Later the fireworks started and they were very good. they lasted about a half an hour. As I was watching them, Zach came up to me and said "Daddy there is a mosquito on your ear". So to rid me of this pest he spits in my ear. What a good boy I thought to myself as I dried out my ear. He comes to his Daddy's aid again.What would I do without him.

I am going to end this now so I can get ready for bed. The Chemo is for 8:30 in the morning. Sally is going to the wake for her Aunt Patricia Malone tomorrow. It starts at 4pm at Ridgelawn funeral home 4201 w. ridge road. I will probably stay at home cause I am expecting to be out of it since its been a long time since my last Chemo session. Thank you and God Bless.

My mom still hasn't heard the results of her thyroid test. As soon as she knows I will let all of you know.

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  1. Thanks for calling Ron, Bill.

    Do you know why your blood pressure is so high?