Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A 6 year old's definition of sex

Early posting today due to going to the Sox game tonight plus I have to be up early tomorrow morning for the 8:30 appointment at the UIC. Not much to report on today's event. Went to mass and said prayers after church. Zachary had a half day and is done with school for the summer. My gripe for today, I was notified that my family doctor is leaving the Hammond Clinic. I finally found a doctor that I liked and now he is leaving. I have HMO so I have to stay in the clinic. I do not know of any other good family doctors there. I guess if that is my only gripe of the day I am doing good.

The other day while we were in the car, Zachary(which he often does) asked for us to tell stories about him. So I thought I would share some. Excuse me if I have previously shared some earlier. It's getting difficult to remember everything I have written about. When Zachary was about a year and a half, one day we were driving in the car. In this deep monstrous voice we heard a "MaMa" coming from the back seat. I wish we were able to record it. I never heard of a child's voice being so deep. It was funny. When he was a little older, if one of the doors in the house was locked he would knock on the door and say "It's me Yakawy". Like us knowing it was him would make us want to jump up and unlock the door. We teach our kids to pray at a young age. We have a crucifix in almost every room of the house. When Zachary was 3 he was looking at a cross and praying to Jesus. Then he turned around and said "I am not talking to Jesus any more. He is dead and can't hear me." Last year Zachary got himself into trouble ( I don't even remember what for). He was told to put his nose in the corner. Innocently he asked "Why? My nose didn't do anything wrong." Some day I am going to check into getting a cord for the camcorder so I can connect it to my computer. I would love to share a clip of Zachary doing his dolphin noise. It is hilarious. I am not sure how he does it. If I tried I would end up gagging. It sounds just like a dolphin. Not sure how he figured out how to make that sound. Next time you see Zachary, ask him to make the sound for you. I think you would get a kick out of it. Just a few months ago Sally was talking and Zachary was in the room. She spelled out the word s-e-x so Zachary wouldn't know what she was talking about, but then the goof said the word right after. So Zachary kept saying "S-E-X Sex!" When asked what sex was. He said "It's when you take your clothes off and shake your boobies and butt around". We don't have cable and we monitor what the kids watch closely. So I have no idea how he came up with that response. We asked him how he came up with his answer. His replied " I don't know. It's just what I think".

Need to get ready for the game. By the way thank Mike (my oldest brother) for the Sox tickets. Hope you have an enjoyable evening. God Bless


  1. My mom asked me what I thought sex was when I was little. I thought it meant getting naked and kissing in a closet. Why a closet, I do not know, but I remember her and all the other Cummins sisters (my Aunts) laughing about it once my mom told them. I don't know how old I was.

  2. Dagnabbit! White Sox lost. It was like a horrible nightmare. I was surrounded by Cubs fans in the stands.

    I think Bill, Michael and Zack had a good time, though.

    Thanks for the tickets, Mike, and thanks for taking me, Bill...even though the Good Guys lost.

  3. was anyone brave enough to wear their cub shirts?

  4. Michael wore a Cub t-shirt under his hoody.