Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today I am still very sore but not as sore as yesterday. I'm going to slowly try to get myself off of the pain pills. They make me very tired and I don't want to sleep my day away.

It's Sally again. Bill is still very tired and sore. He tried to write the blog but it's difficult for him. He doesn't want to disappointed anyone by not writing but I assured him everyone understands.

Last night he slept soundly. I woke his up through the night to give him his meds. It seemed to help him. He is moving around better today but I can tell he is still hurting.

Deb mentioned in the comments from the previous post about the family picture. No we have not had the family picture taken. We all have Cubs jersey for the picture. Just waiting for Bill to get better.

I do hope his blog will help others and so does he. When he is feeling better he is going to talk to two people who recently have been diagnosed with cancer. I think Bill will be good talking to them. He has been up beat and positive during this. He doesn't complain and I never heard him ask "Why me?". I am very proud of him for the way he has been handling the entire situation.

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