Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 2

<span class=I am here with Bill. It's amazing, he looks so good. If he wasn't hooked up to IV's, it would be hard to believe he under went surgery yesterday. He is doing well. He says he is in a lot of pain. It's worst then the last surgery. He is tired as well. The medical staff kept coming in his room though out the night. He said they did a chest X-Ray at 1 AM. He is up and about today. The catheter is out. We walked around the hall way and he did well. He is on a clear liquid diet and is waiting patiently for his spaghetti dinner.

He has his cell phone. It's OK to call Please do not call pass 8 so he can get his sleep. The kids are doing well. Zachary is having a lot of fun with his aunt and cousins. He misses home and wants to go home today. I miss them to and will be happy to have them home, It was sad last night to see an empty crib next to my bed. Last night, Zachary was home sick. We were able to do video chat and he felt better. Hopefully he will be able to do video chat with his dad today.

Bill did not feel like writing the blog today because of the pain. I did read him all the comments and guest book. He enjoyed hearing them.

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