Monday, June 29, 2009

No go!

Today I went to start chemo again. I was a little worried because I wasn't sure how my body would respond to it after having the break. I didn't want to be sick for the 4th. On the other hand I was anxious to get started again. I know I am moving in the right direction but going back to another 12 Chemo sessions seems like a step back. It was nice when I was able to say 6 down and 6 to go. I was hoping today would be 1 down and 11 to go. I didn't sleep very well last night. Took me a long time to fall asleep. Kaity woke up at 6 crying. Even though Sally got out of bed to take care of her I still heard her. The chemo appointment was at 8:30. When they went to check my vitals my blood pressure was very high. 150/110. The doctor was not in today but they paged him to see what they should do. About an hour later he called back and told them to give me blood pressure medication. I sat and waited and watched the clock go by. After the medicine they waited 30 minutes to check my blood pressure again and it was still high. So they gave me another dose. Sally asked me about my pain. I told her I was in a little discomfort. She asked if I took any pain medication before I left and I did not. I really am trying to take as little as I can without being bend over in pain. Sally went to the pharmacy and bought me a bottle of Motrin thinking the pain could cause my bp to be up. They checked my bp again and it was still elevated. They gave me a scipt for blood pressure medication and told me I need to and see the urgent care doctor. The urgent care doctor didn't seem very concerned about my bp. He said the pain could be causing it and that it had come down a little. I couldn't get the chemo though today. I had to reschedule. I thought about going back on Wednesday but I didn't want to be sick for the 4th. I am scheduled for next Monday to start chemo again. My blood pressure better be fine. I do not like delaying this. Ron said it high because I lost in a game of bags yesterday. I think it is high because I was with a Sox lover for 2 days and not to mention the Cubs lost 2 out of the 3 game against the Sox.

I was incredibly exhausted and wanted to go home and sleep. We didn't leave the doctor's until 11:30. All I wanted was my fluffy orthopedic pillow and my blanky. On the way home my dear wife informs me her mother needed my help in hanging a mirror. When we get there her mom wasn't home so we had to wait for her. I let Sally figured out where to place the nails so I wouldn't be blamed if it was off centered or cock eyed. After I got the mirror hung I was about to drop on my mother in law's new recliner to snooze when I hear "Honey you have a picture to hang". I couldn't hardly keep my eye balls open. I hung up the picture without a word. I perked up a little when I was made 2 sandwiches. I was glad to leave and go home to sleep. As long as you look at the picture and mirror with your head a little slanted they look straight. What fine work Sally did. Maybe that is her calling.

I got to lay down. I don't ever remember my head hitting the pillow. I was in dream land when I was abruptly woken up into my reality world. I had to get up if I wanted to go with Sally to her aunt's wake. So being the loving and supportive husband that I am I woke up to go. The wake was far from the typical one that I am use to. Not that it was disrespectful it was more like a social gathering. People were laughing, joking and talking in the viewing area. Also there was a table set up with cookies and brownies and a cooler full of beverages. At one point my mother in law asked us if we wanted any cookies. Of course I said yes and so did her daughter and grandson. We were snickering during the entire time. Not only did they have one table full of goodies she spotted another table with a bowl full of goodies, or were they. So she graciously walked up to the bowl. Pulled out some tissues from a box that was sitting next to it. She asked her sister if she wanted a cookie as she went to dive into the bowl. Her sister looked at her and said "Mary it's not cookies". While during the entire time we are watching her and laughing. It was a bowl full of potpourri. I' ll take the piece that looks like bark,yummmmmm.

We did some running around with the kids. On the way home we were talking. Sally mentioned in conversation about visiting a relative out of state. Zachary said is she goes he wanted to go with. He didn't want to be left at home because he didn't want to get "home sick". Sally said how can you be home sick if you are still at home. Zachary's reply was "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", "I would you miss you if you left". It was a good day in Chicago both Cubs and Sox won today.

Thank you for visiting and God Bless.


  1. I have only been delayed once on chemo due to low WBC, never for HBP. Must have been a fuke thing?


  2. CT scan was normal, no signs of masastastic cancer!! yipppeee

    I do however have a "very large" hernia
    "lateral left rectus muscle sheath with a large amount of small bowel in it", this is the area where the colostomy was. Not expecting this, but think it will be an easy fix.


  3. Good for you Patty wishing only the best for you. My prayers will always be with you. God Bless you always Patty