Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now I feel so much better!

This is Kaity making her Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich for lunch. She is so self sufficient. She will even lick the utensils clean.

This morning I went to the UIC to meet with the surgeon. I told Sally he better remove my staples or there would be trouble. Lucky for him he had my wish granted. There were two interns that looked at my staples first. Then the surgeon came in and said how ugly my stitches were. He left and one of the interns started to removed the staples. The doctor came back to recheck and once again said "Wow that's ugly" while looking at me. I asked him if he was referring to me or my stitches and his reply was "Both" and walked out. When I went to leave he told me he hopes he never has to see me again. Which I agree I don't want to have to ever see him again. Seeing him would mean the cancer is back. Sally and I were talking about his personality on the way home. Sally made the comment that he is a typical Michael. She said all Michael's are awnry and obnoxious. So I started to think about all the Michael's I know and I have to agree it fits all of them except for one (no my brother Mike is not the exception).

By the way Dan I just wanted to let you know my wife called you "a jerk" when she read your comment from yesterday. She said for you to watch out when you come over. She is going to spray you and take a picture for the blog. Just between you and me I think a picture of her being sprayed would be funny. I am going to have to team up the kids and get her one of these days.

I wanted to say just how polite Zachary is. The other day I was in the bathroom shaving and Sally and Kaity were out at the grocery store and Michael was out somewhere else. Zach was outside and came in to get something to drink. He had no idea I was inside cause , I was outside in the garage doing things earlier. Well anyway he comes in the house without knowing anyone is in the house. He lets out this loud burp and says excuse me. I thought it was funny knowing everyone was gone and he thought I was outside. So the only thing he could have thought he was saying excuse me to was our spiritual visitors. I don't know if it's me but, I usually don't say excuse me when I am by myself. I am going to have to put this in a poll. Zach has actually done this a few times. So I don't think it's because he thinks someone is around.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.


  1. i try not to burp too often but truth be told i do the same thing...the way i see it if i am not courteous with myself i won't be courteous with others...what's the matter with that? :)
    good for zach! see what a gentleman he is!:) NOT spray sally with water and take a picture! it could be bad for your health! :) no matter how funny dan might think it would be! you might just need a place to crash for a few nme on this one ok? :)
    blessings always,

    darn cubs!
    this weekend should be interesting huh?

  2. Yes this is true about courtesy to yourself but, do you say it out loud or to yourself. Bill

  3. oh no i say it OUT LOUD!
    and i mean it too..:)

    day one...GO CUBS GO! :) :)