Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's good to be home. I am still very sore. Last night was a rough because of the pain. The nurses kept checking on me throughout the night to make sure I am OK. I was sent home with 3 different medications. Sally was going through my discharge papers and noticed 6 medications were listed. Tomorrow, I am going to call and check. I also need to make an appointment to have the staples remove in about 10 days. I have a 10 pound weight limit. I was also told I will be more sore and longer to heal compared to the last surgery. The reason the incision was made on top of the old one. Which means there is scar tissue which makes the healing longer.

I was happy to see the kids when I came home. Kaity was outside with Michael. She wasn't happy at first. She had fell out of her crib right before we pulled up. Zachary came home shortly after me. My mom took him to see the movie "Up". They both said the movie was good. I took a nap shortly after I got home. I slept in the bed with the fan blowing on me. It felt refreshing. Sally didn't make dinner tonight. After we got home, she had to pick up my medication and get some groceries. She said I could have what ever I wanted since I was stuck eating hospital food for the past 3 days. I chose spaghetti. She picked it from John's. It was good. Much better then the spaghetti at the hospital. I can't even compare the two.

I mentioned yesterday I would compare the hospitals. St Margaret Mercy in Dyer is where I have the colon resection . The medical staff was very friendly. The nurses were over worked but did everything in there power to make me comfortable. They would always asked if I wanted a drink, sherbet, etc... Even when I wasn't suppose to drink, they would let me sneak a couple sips here and there. The food wasn't that bad either considering it was hospital care. During the day a cart came to the rooms selling snacks, pens, paper, etc... At night a snack cart would come around as well. At UIC the medical staff was very professional. They did there job and that was it. They were friendly except for 2 male nurses I didn't care for. They didn't have the personal touch. The night of the surgery I was extremely thirsty. Sally asked if I could have some ice chips and they wouldn't let me. It was hard to sleep with a dry mouth. There were no snacks, no one offered me drinks or snacks. The food was lousy. The bed was much more comfortable then at St. Margaret's. I feel the care was a lot better at the UIC. If they would have that personal touch like St. Margaret's it would be the ideal hospital in my opinion.

At least for the next few days, my blogs will be shorter then usual. Some might not think it's a bad thing. It's hard for me to get comfortable. Sally has helped me with this one since she is a much faster typer then I am.

Again Thank You for support, God Bless You All!


  1. I pray you start feeling better. Cubs and White Sox won their last games!

    Rest and relax, buddy!

    just having some smiling faces around you AND maybe we can get michael to push a cart in for you twice a day..:)
    i pray your pain lessens each day and that you are able to get some good sleep as that is so helpful for healing too.
    be proud of yourself!!! YOU DID IT! you made it through another obstacle and thankfully you can have as many ice chips and fluids as you want! sometimes those "little" things aren't so little ya know? :)
    ok so both you and the cubs get a day off tomorrow (i really DO believe that their victory today was related to YOUR victory today...coming home)
    but it's back to business on tuesday and of all teams to deal with..
    this could be a very LONG 3 days!
    let's just sit back and see what happens!
    blessings for always..