Friday, June 26, 2009

Listen up all.

I spent about 90 percent of the day outside with the kids , not just my kids but the neighborhood kids as well. I cleaned out the garage again and kept an eye on the constantly moving Kaity. I took out all of the toys and riding stuff . That started a shark feeding frenzy. There was all of these toys for the taking. I made the mistake of going in the house to get something to drink. I came out and all of the toys were scattered throughout the neighborhood except for one of Michael's old bikes, and only because it had a flat.The boy across the street actually asked me if I could fix it. I said of course I could fix it , but I won't. Go away kid you bother me I said to my self. I hurried to get the garage done so I could close the garage. Locating all of the toys those gremlins took, took me another 3 hours to gather up. The kids and I finally went in the house just before 8pm.I thought I might have to plant some land mines to keep the kids away. I spent the rest of the evening taking it easy,

I wanted to write a little about how I got to were I am now. When I was little and living with my mom and step dad I did go to church. We didn't go all the time. My mom did instill good values in me but, church wasn't enforced when I got a little older. My mom was a good mom but, there were some issues that I will not get into at this time or any other.When I moved out and was on my own at 19 years old I never went to church. During this time I was having some trials and tribulations. It seemed I was always having car problems. I remember one time I was leaving to go to work and my Chevy Monte Carlo was gone.It was parked in the street in front of the apartment I was living in and my step dad owned.I was looking everywhere for this white and freshly washed car. I kept saying to myself oh no oh no. After looking for it on other streets and alley ways( I thought maybe because of my drunken stupor the day before I couldn't remember exactly were I may have parked it)I finally called the police.When I called and talked to the police operator she said it was towed. I said why, because they were doing street cleaning. Why wasn't I told of this. She said there should have been postings on the trees. I have no trees in front of the apartment I live in.I got my car back and saw that on the next block that had trees had the postings but not mine. Now back to my story. I meant and married a cashier that I worked with when I was a manager at Sterks in Hammond.I have dated girls before but this one was pursuing me like a Three Toed Sloth in a relay race against a Two Toed Sloth( three toed sloth are faster). This marriage never should have taken place.After almost 10 months of wedded bliss I had to kick her out along with her mood swings would give me whip lash.About 5 months after that , the honeymoon was over and we were officially divorced. A few years later I finally started dating Sally.( How we started dating is mentioned in a earlier blog) When we got married , we would always go to church. I did this cause I thought I was supporting her. During our marriage we had allot of problems to work through.It was a very hard first two years and I was determined to keep Sally as my wife. We always seemed to have money and other issues but always seemed to work through them.Lets not forget about my near death experiences, also mentioned in an earlier blog.What I truly believe in my case is God is trying to teach me a lesson and until you learn the lesson you will always have more trials until you learn from them. I believe the Cancer was the big lesson that I needed to learn from. I learned to value life more and not to take anything for granted. After being married to Sally for about 4 years or so I know that I needed to go to church.but that wasn't all that I needed.I wasn't home allot and was missing allot of time being spent with the kids .Always working and not being at home for them. Now with the Cancer I have been home now for the past 5 months and really enjoy the time with the family . I do miss the people at work but family definitely comes first.I always believed deep down that I would be all right. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and to trust in God. I really have to say that I feel this is the happiest I have ever felt.I don't have a lot of money and living basically in a house that needs work but never felt happier.So in a weird kind of way Cancer has been very good to me. It has totally change my life for the better and to appreciate as much as you can and do not take anything for granted,or you will get a lesson you will not soon forget until you fix what you need to fix in your life.I am working on that right now and will always be . This is something that will always be on going. I am only human and can only try my best. Of course if my best isn't my best I am sure I will get another tribulation to work through until I get it right. So next time something happens and you say why me why me. Think of what you have to do to fix it and to remember God never gives you anything more than what you can't handle.So don't feel bad for me I have learned allot from my cancer and I hope that what I am going through is a learning experience for you as well. I am happy and want to do more for charity and going to the chapels in the area to pray makes me feel happier.The person who said being one with God makes you a more complete and happier person was not kidding.So remember prayer,God,great friends and a positive attitude goes on forever.

Thank you for visiting and listening to my babble but babble with a lesson never the less. God Bless you all and thanks for helping me be a better person.


    you have inspired me since the very beginning of your blog to have faith and not give up!
    and i have enjoyed your stories too as they have often made me smile.
    you are a very lucky man for you have family and friends who luv and support you and there is no greater gift in life...
    you have learned a valuable lesson and your life will never be the same again.
    God bless YOU for always..deb:)

  2. Deb, I need your website addy again. I want to order cards!


    We finally got some OT at work again!

  3. Did you get your copy of The Running Girl? Was it so bad that you couldn't even read it? LOL J/K, hopefully.

  4.'s so funny that you should ask me about your book cuz the other day i was thinking that i should really tell you that i got it but have NOT had time to sit down and read it! truly i thought to myself that IF i were in your spot i would be thinking the same thing! i am so sorry!
    i am hoping that once this graduation party is over (for my daughter) i will have some time to read because naturally all i am doing now is cleaning house, throwing things out, painting etc.

    you're very kind to want to order some of my cards and it is deeply appreciated. please feel free to place the order at the website but i can get the cards to you through bill or i will simply mail them to you and you can pay me through the mail or bill too, whatever is easiest for you. do NOT go through paypal ok?

    the website is

    oh hey the heck are ya these days? :) :) :)

    blessings always..deb:)