Saturday, June 27, 2009

Party in Munster

The picture above is Michael well being Michael.

Today the family and I had to go to a good friend and Michael's God Father's house for his kids birthday party, He has three kids, two girls and one boy that were all born near the 4Th of July. The youngest boy and one girl are twins.It was a nice time for all that attended. There was plenty to do for all ages. There was a bouncy , bean bags game and plenty of food (that they will be eating until next years party) and beverages I took it easy and just did allot of sitting and played one game of bags. Sally and I played as partners with another couple. We did win the game 21- to 14.It was a good time considering the news Sally got this morning. Sally got a call from her mother that her Aunt Pat died. She has been sick for a very long time but it was still a surprise cause she was doing better.So my prayers will be with Sally's Aunt and her entire family during this tuff time. So please remember them as well in your prayers.I will post more info as it is known.

Zack and I are watching Stoogapalooza. Zach is a three Stooges fan just as I was when I was little. So I am going to end this blog so I can spend some time with Zach and also let my hand recuperate from yesterdays blog. God Bless you all and thanks for visiting my blog and come again.

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  1. i was going to watch that but i missed most of the episode it was on, so i watched suite life on deck instead.