Monday, June 22, 2009

A few hfjk k ghve from Kaity

Kaity wanted a chance to express herself since Zachary was able to yesterday. The above was a message from her. I am a little concerned about the last part. Only two years old and already recruited.

Since it is a nice day I decided to write this blog outside. Hey, I just realized that I made a decision without the help of my wife. So what ya know. I am not the reason why some animals eat their young. That actually made me feel good. I will have to do that again sometime, but not to soon I don't want to get to cocky.

I still have the pressure feeling in my chest. I am playing it a little cautiously today. I hope it is just because of the stitches and nothing else. I will be getting them taken out this Thursday. While I am writing this Kaity is riding her bumble bee car and Zach is falling off his bike (he likes to run into things) He may be a reason why some animals eat there young. Naw, He is just a
little boy trying to have some fun without his friends being around. He is the Macgyver of finding things to do when no one is around. Like falling off his bike on purpose.

When we ate dinner today I got a very add pressing sensation in my upper chest area. I had to get up and walk around a little. I was a little dizzy, losing my balance but, didn't fall. After a
while I felt better and finished my dinner. I attribute it to the weather and chasing Kaity half a block when she was running away from me. When I finished my dinner I went outside and
did a few maintenance things for my kids bubble maker. It had a rusted battery connection,so I fixed that. Now all the neighborhood kids are happy. My kids could care less. I also have a pressure washer nozzle that was leaking very badly. I took it apart and saw that the O-Ring
was broke. I will go and get a replacement tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless you all. Patty I hope all the prayers came through for you.


  1. I am having problems with the posting page. That is why it isn't lined up good. I hope to have it fixed tomorrow

  2. the page looks fine to me and kaity's post came in loud and clear! :)
    it really WAS a very nice day and good for you to get outside and relax!
    (ummm..just how FAR did you chase kaity)
    guess who? :)

  3. Apparently not far enough, cause I am still breathing.