Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

You might have to click on the letter to be able to read it.

This is Zachary.I am 7.My dad have lots of gifts from everyone because everyone loves him so much. He got a Cubs cup and shirt and a letter from me. Kaity got him bunch of candy from the candy store. Michael got him a Cubs baseball cap. My mom gave him a mini laptop. He got that early. I got him lots of donuts for breakfast. He go to church for God. When we done we went to grandma's Ross to give grandpa's gift and I gave him my old car. My dad sleep all day. And I went outside with my brother Michael and my mom, and my baby sister Kaitlyn and I found a cat outside today. And we got dinner. The dinner name shrimp, baked potatoes, and cucumber salad. I just eat the potaotes. And we will have dessert later. I will stay up the whole night. I love my dad. Happy Father's Day. The cancer all most gone. The side of the cancer almost gone. It is sad he maybe will die. It is happy the cancer almost gone. Happy Mother's Day. Happy Christmas Day. The End. Who likes Sox? Who likes Cubs? All Done!

I guess Zach said it all today, so I really don't think I have much to say now. I did make it to my Mom and Step Dads today. I originally wasn't sure if I was going to be able to. I was sore and and felt out of breath most of the day and the kids were going to cook me dinner. They decided to make the dinner a little later so I was able to go.I went and took Kaity and Zach with. Sally stayed home to make Cheese CAKE and Michael stayed home and slept .I am glad to be able to go and see almost everyone. Sally and I with the Kids gave my step Dad a White Sox blanket . When she started to make it I had to take extra pain meds.Sally was afraid I may O.D. I told her its a chance I have to take. Later I had to take Nausea pills cause the Sox colors started to make the room spin out of control. I felt like I was in one of those Gravatrons they have at carnivals. I took the pills and went outside for fresh air and felt a little better.As long as I didn't look in the direction of the blanket I was fine.

Zach wanted me to let everyone know to look for him on Americas got Talent. He knows that he would be a shoe in finalist for his Dolphin impression. Unless of course someone came up with a cooler impression like that of a Three Toed Sloth.

The Cubs and Sox both won today.The Cubs won 6-2 leading the whole game,which is a change as of late. The Sox won 4-1 .

Thank you for visiting and God Bless.


  1. dang- I need to learn how to copy my comments before I paste them- never fails that I get an error message and then I lose the post. *sigh

    Oh well


  2. before I post them, not paste them....augh...long day. Not sure why one minute it won't post and the next it will.

    I see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow on numb hand syndome- think it will all be related to chemo, basically then nothing can be done about it.

    Have a cat scan on Wednesday. Just now been a year since the last one- hoping for good results.


  3. and patty...
    i'd say that we are ALL hoping for good results for you! let's hope and PRAY that you and bill are both on the road to healing and remissions!
    keeping you in thoughts and prayers.
    bill, please tell zach he did a GREAT job with the blog today. it was so from his heart and it made me smile.
    blessings for always,

  4. Bill,
    I agree with Zachary, you are funny like a monkey in a tree.
    I would post the picture of your surgical incision site. I didn't realize the thing was almost 2 feet long!

    Patty, hope all goes well with your tests. Let us all know.