Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miracle on Indiana st.

So I went to see the oncologist today. I resume at least 6 more months of chemo treatments starting Monday. After the six months and nothing shows up in the scans I will have to decide more chemo as a precaution, partial treatments (which won't make me sick), or no treatment at all. That's 6 months away so I am not going to worry about that now. The lymphnode that was removed was indeed cancerous. Not that it was a surprise to anyone. However, 2/3rd's of the cancer had went away. The doctors are really impressed on how well my body is responding to the treatment with just the 3 months of it( Except for me, I always was a specimen of fine health until the Cancer made things a little more interesting)(Stop the snickering). Sally asked why my survival rate is only a 30-35% which was given by the surgeon. The oncologist said that the surgeon used old data. He doesn't like using statistics especially with new treatments being used. He once again explained that if this happened to me 3-4 years ago I would have not had a chance for survival and the latest surgery wouldn't have been an option. My life expectancy would only be about 2 and a half years. I am sort of a guinea pig with the new treatment so no one really knows for sure. However, the patients he has who are on the treatment as well as me have had much success and out lived their life expectancy. Also he mentioned the cancer wasn't spread through out the liver and in the lungs like a lot of stage 4 colon cancer patients. So he can't really say how long he thinks I have but he told Sally that I am not going anywhere anytime soon. Not sure how Sally feels knowing she will be stuck with me. At least I feel better knowing at least I have a few years. Sally wants to go back to school (once she figures out what she wants to do when she grows up) so she can support herself and the kids in case something does happen. Even though I am undergoing chemo, as of the moment the cancer is technically in remission. I really do believe this was a miracle, can I have an AMEN. My future was very bleak and know it's a lot more brighter in a very short time.You be the judge.

Besides the doctor's visit, I spent a good part of the day trying to fix the pressure washer. This morning after church I went to buy some more O-Rings to see if anyone of them would fit.Every time I put one in, it was either slightly to small or a little to thick. I tried to compare it to the broke one and that didn't work but, since that one is broke I am not sure if there may be a slight circumference difference. I got them to fit but now the width wasn't thick enough. So I went to a rental shop to see if they can sell me a O-Ring. Well they said they could fix it for me. Me not thinking said "OK' and dropped it off. I figured it won't cost much since it's a O-Ring. Sally wasn't to happy and I had to call and let them know I wanted an estimate first. After I did this I asked Sally to get a rating for the O-Rings(see which ones have more stars-I want nothing less than 4 out of 5 stars) so I know I got the best made O-Rings. Nothing is to good for my pressure washer.

Tonight we will be eating dinner later. It's to hot to cook. We are going to have Italian sausage on the grill and pasta salad. Sally is going to cook bell peppers with onions so we can make sandwiches. I have been wanting corn on the cob. Sally went to one store and they didn't have any. Stracks had some but she said the ears were small and were expensive. I went to a farm stand and they didn't look to good. Guess I will have to wait patiently for my corn.

So that's about it for my day. Tomorrow I am going to the UIC. They will removed the staples. Because of the heat and with me sweating the incision are becoming irritated. I think if the staples were gone I would feel better.

The picture was a request from Dan. I was talking to him on the phone and spraying the neighborhood kids as well. He asked for a picture. They enjoyed it. Sally wasn't to happy when she got sprayed. That would have made for a better picture.

I hear Zach and Kaity playing in the living room. Believe it or not Kaity is playing smell my finger with Zach, as I am typing this in the kitchen. I think I will stay in here a while. That is a game Zach liked to play with Michael, so I figured she must have learned it from Zach at one time or another.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless you all. Thanks to all of you I will be terrorizing the world and my family a little longer.


  1. "Sally wasn't to happy when she got sprayed. That would have made for a better picture."

    ROFL...I would have paid cash for that one!!!!

    Bill, you really seem to be doing amazing!! I am so glad that things are going well. Keep on with the positive attitude and awesome spirit!!!!!!!!!!

    Your friend,

    there you go!
    i do believe in the power of prayer!
    keep up the good work and as dan said...positive attitude and spirit!!!