Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 3

Yeah!!!! Bill had spaghetti for lunch. I was going to pick him up some but it was on his lunch tray. Bill is doing good considering he was cut opened 2 days ago. He is still in a lot of pain. The pain medicine isn't working fast and long enough for him. He is on oxygen now because the oxygen levels were low this morning. He is still up and about the best that he can. The epidural was removed this morning as well. Which might be the reason he is in more pain today then yesterday.

The surgeon checked up on Bill last night. He explained the surgery and what was done. He said it was more important to remove the lymph noid then it was to remove the spot in the liver. He said he was glad he didn't had to touch the liver because it wasn't in the best shape, which is the result of the chemo. He said if all goes well Bill should be able to come home this weekend.

Tomorrow, I told Zachary he can visit his dad. We have to sneak him up since he is not 16. Michael is going to spend the day with Zach walking around down town. I think Zac will enjoy it as long as his big brother has patients with him.

Bill is still really tired. He doesn't get to sleep in long increments because of the medical staff. He said it is a little better then it was at St. Margaret's though. Hopefully, soon the pain will subside so Bill will feel up to writing his blog. I know everyone is missing his humor and his stories. In the mean time, he approves the blogs before I publish them.


  1.'re doing a GREAT job on the blog!!! we realize you guys have alot going on and are just thankful to be kept up with everything!

    i bet spaghetti never tasted soooooooooooooo good, huh bill?

    keeping all of you in our prayers and hoping that some REAL food and some sleep will have bill ready to go home in the next couple days!

    i won't EVEN talk about the cubs today!

    remember...IF you guys need ANYTHING AT ALL..just call! doesn't matter what...


  2. wow, spagetti after 2 days? that is good :)