Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moon over the Cell

It has been a very long day. Sally and I left the house at 7am for the UIC. We had an appointment at 8:30 but were given directions to take the sky way. Well the direction were to the University of Chicago not for the University of Illinois at Chicago. After driving around for 30 minutes looking for the parking garage we finally realized we were at the wrong place. It took me another 30 minutes to find the express way. During the entire time Sally and I were bickering back and forth. Sally accused me of driving in circles. I didn't have much choice when the streets were all one way. Finally after we got there I met with the nurse and the surgeon first. Then we sat and waited for over 2 hours to speak with the anesthesiologist. After that we had to go back and talk with the nurse again. I will not know of the surgical time until Tuesday. Right now we are waiting for the authorization from the insurance company. Hopefully, the clinic filed it today. The surgery will be approximately 3 to 4 hours long. There is a good chance that I will need a blood transfusion. My sister in law (Sandy) and Sally offered to donate blood for me. Sally is going to call tomorrow to set that up. Also, there is a possibility I might be in the ICU after the surgery which is common after that type of surgery.

After all of that is was after 1 PM. We were hungry since we didn't eat all day. So we decided to check out the cafeteria. The hospital and the out patient clinic is on 2 separate streets but connected by walkways. After we were done we walked outside to the garage. Sally and I started bickering again like and old married couple(Fred and Ethel Mertz is a good comparison). She accused me of having us walk around in circles. She claimed to have said to walk back were we started but I don't recall her ever saying it. She doesn't realize it but, I got lost on purpose. I love to take walks with my wife. What is a better time then in Chicago on a chilly day not knowing were we are going. When we finally got to the garage the bickering started again on where the car was parked. I swear some one moves my car every time after I park it. I will tell you one thing though, that I will know University Village like the back of my hand by the time my surgery is over with.

Last night myself,Michael, Zachary and my good friend Dan went to the Sox game. It was a great game because they lost 5-3 to the worst team in baseball right now. One of the Oakland players hit a Home run and Zach did his Dolphin noise in Dan's ear. Dan liked it so much that Zach did a oncore without even being asked,that's my boy. Later, as I was watching the game I heard a crunching noise coming from behind me. I looked and saw Zach eating peanuts from off the ground. He said,"It's OK Daddy they are in the shell so they are not dirty".He got me there. I thought it was nice of the people that were there and left to leave Zach the mother load of peanuts. It wasn't just a couple it was practically a whole bag on the ground. Not once did Zach watch the game until every peanut was devoured, that's my boy. Again I go back to watch this beautiful game and then I hear some girls laughing. I looked back at them and just smiled thinking they were flirting with me. This was going on for a while and then Dan told me what they were laughing at. Zachary because he was so into the game(he really wanted to go to a Cubs game) was playing with his legoes star wars that he smuggled into the park.Dan said look at Zach. As I did this I was speechless cause now I knew what the girls were laughing at. I said to Zach" Zach pull your pants up". The whole time they were laughing, Zach was just smiling back at them without realizing it. Earlier Dan got a close up of Zachs moon when he was climbing over a chair to be closer to Dan, his new buddy. I do have to admit Dan was a real trooper. We were all cheering for the A'S and Dan took it well.When we went to the Cubs game earlier he wasn't quite as mean like we were but then again the Cubs won that game.

I went to a healing mass at the Carmelite Monestary in Munster. I never went to anything like this before. It was given by a priest named Fernando Suarez and another priest who works with him who I really don't remember his name.The Mass itself was pretty long, than afterwards he did the healing. There was a lot of people there and most of them were Korean. I am not making fun of that but, stating that at least half of the people if not more were of Korean decent. The music that was being sung during the mass was written and said in Korean. They do, do a lot of different ethnic masses there. The healing priest was of Canadian Philippine decent the other one was Canadian. They have gone to over 40 countries and healed about 2,000,000 people last year. There was people from all walks of life there. There was a child there that was very loud and out spoken during the singing. I believe he had severe ADHD. I am not making light of any of this. I thought that it was a very nice thing that anybody could come to,to be heal for anything. First the people in wheel chairs and then families with kids 8 and younger could go first. Next time I will bring Zach so maybe he could be cured of his mooning. Then it went by rows.So you know were I was sitting, practically in Illinois. I was thinking if I could have a couple of things to be healed of. Sally says that I have a problem with snoring and farting not to forget the cancer. So what do I do.Be cured of the Snoring and Farting so the wife I love dearly could have a good nights sleep,( she will usually go on the couch) Or the cancer that can help me live a more prosperous life but than again my wife who I love dearly will have many sleepless nights. This is a tough one, I ultimately chose the cancer.I thought that she is suppose to love me no matter what, with or without the gas. Sorry honey maybe next time. I hope no one thinks that I am making fun of my little boy. I am not, there just isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't make me laugh and I want to share.

Thanks for visiting and God Bless.
Sox lost again to the worst team in baseball 7-0. Cubs game was post poned.

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  1. cubs win again! :) SWEET!
    how many teams have pitchers who hit homeruns...switch hitting even!
    hey bill, you really don't have to apologize for making fun of your little seems to me that you have a house full of characters (including yourself!) and you guys should probably consider taking your humor on the road cuz you are all very entertaining! and that's a good thing! laughter is good for the soul! does make reading your blog alot more fun! just never know what to expect!
    blessings always,...deb:)
    hey, what's going on with the car?